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Posted on January 19th, 2013

Encouraging the wildlife at Coombe Mill Farm

Theo was treated to an in depth British Bird book for Christmas from his Uncle Mark.


Theo and his new Christmas Bird Book

Flicking through the pages inspired him to move the old bird table he made with Dad the previous year and relocate it closer to the kitchen door and have another go at attracting wild life. Down it came, knocked into position, a little clean up and we were ready to go.  


Cleaning up the bird table


The holiday makers at New Year left a packet of dripping in their fridge. It is not something I use in cooking but I thought it would be excellent as a base for making a bird dinner. We bought a pack of bird seed and set to work on our special recipe!  

First we melted the dripping; the boys were fascinated with the transformation from a white solid bar to a clear liquid as it melted. 

 Melting dripping for bird food


Then we stirred in some of the seed, removed it from the heat and sat it outside to start to set again. I don’t think they believed it could turn back into a solid until they saw it with their own eyes.


 Mixing in seed and watching it set

Waiting for it to change state did take a few minutes. Not blessed with patients they took the chance to have a bounce on the trampoline until I called them back. Yes it was cold and wet, but that seems to have no bearing on how they dress!


Trampoline Kids


As it began to solidify we set to work moulding the gooey mixture into paper and foil cases.

Carefully with a sharp knife we made holes either side and threaded through string then hung them from the bird table.

Raiding the pig scraps (sorry Dotty) we pulled out some bread crusts too and added these to our table.

Finished Bird Food

Happy with our efforts the children began to watch for the birds.

I persuaded them they were just a little too close so they retreated to the upstairs balcony.

Unfortunately Penguin the cat had no intention of retreating anywhere! 


Watching for birds


With nothing venturing close the children soon lost interest and drifted off to play on the farm. On returning later they were rewarded and all took it in turns to peep from the kitchen door and take a photo. They did quite well and captured a blue tit and a blackbird, in dubious focus. Later they also saw a robin and a thrush and delighted in looking them all up to identify them in Theo’s book! Thankfully Penguin came away empty pawed and had to settle for cat biscuits!

Blue Tit and Blackbird captured on film


Joining In with Country Kids

What have you been up to outside with the kids this week? Please come and join me, I love to see all the places you have visited, games and crafts undertaken and be inspired for my own children. I am rather hoping to see some snow play linked up as the news is full of snow all over the country, but sadly not here in Cornwall. You know the drill, grab the badge and show some blog love to others here too. 


I have set up a Google+ community for Country Kids and I’d be delighted to see you there too. 


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