My Big Fat Greek Birthday

Posted on February 5th, 2013

Farmer Nick goes back to his roots as Nikos 

If you have ever watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding I can confirm that it really is a good take on Greek family life. When Nick toldGreek Taverna at Coombe Mill! me he wanted a Greek dinner party for his Birthday this year I knew it would involve copies amounts of cooking and plenty of Retsina (Greek wine) and a party that would stretch into the early hours over several courses. Our English friends were only too happy to indulge Nikos and lapse into the Greek way with us for an evening. It really felt like we were back in a Greek Taverna on holiday, rather than the reality of my kitchen on the farm!

Thank goodness for good mates!

I have my close friends to thank for coming along in the afternoon and helping me decorate the room. Cooking on a large scale I am comfortable with, but trying to transform the kitchen whilst keeping the children elsewhere and occupied I find a struggle. We were ready in good time right down to the detail of glitter on the name tags and Greek flags on the napkin ties and more importantly had a good laugh and a cuppa over it all too while all our children happily enjoyed the extra time playing together. 


Greek Banqueting Table

As 7.30pm rolled round and our guests arrived, having the room looking just so put everyone in the party mood. Alistair had kindly set us up with Zorba the Greek on the i-pod and there was much musing over when the plate smashing would commence as the fizz was popped and laughter filled the air.


Party fun for Farmer Nick


In true Greek style it was a good hour or so before we actually sat down to eat and I kept the courses flowing until late. I think I am going to have to follow up with one or two of these recipes on the blog as I was rather proud of the finished results:


Let the feast begin!


The children were very much involved stoking up the fire for us in the BBQ hut where they and Nick and the Men all helped grill the souvlaki course over traditional wood. Every so often one of the children would come and see how we were getting on, have a quick cuddle, grab a bite to eat and disappear again. It is lovely that they are old enough to do this now and feel part of the evening too. Needless to say they all appeared when it came to singing Happy Birthday and helping Daddy blow out the candles revelling in their bed time extension!

Birthday Cake and Kids

Mummy Tip

Don’t be afraid to ask for help on a big party, organizing with friends is so much easier and more fun than trying to do everything alone. I love to entertain and have learned over the years that friends are only too grateful for a good night out and more than willing to help muck in bringing a dish or decorating the room with me. I can honestly say I enjoyed the party as much as any of our guests or Nikos himself. Learning to relax and enjoy entertaining is something I wish I had mastered years ago. Perhaps some things do just come with practice and age?


Happy Birthday Farmer Nick