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Posted on February 11th, 2013

Feeling like the perfect supportive parent

If you have a child who is happy to read, makes good progress and takes to independent reading, it is easy to feel like a conscientious parent doing well by the education system and your child. My eldest was like this. We had a few complaints in the early years about 10 minutes reading after school, but he learned fast, and soon was devouring the whole of the Famous Five series and moving on, with and ahead of his age, into more and more complex adventure stories. Christmas and birthday presents were easy as every relative wants to indulge children in *sensible* educational presents.

When reading is a chore

However I went on to have five more children and they are not all so easy! Some genuinely find reading hard; we spend extra time with them and invest in extra after school lessons, but they are still falling behind in their reading, are labelled dyslexic and still not reading independently and certainly not for pleasure. This then has the double effect of the child not managing to read books of interest to them and being restricted to younger content with more basic language which intern fuels the disinterest. 

Inspire them and boost confidence

Twisted Tales

When I was contacted to review a new range of three books from My Little Big Town Publishing for reluctant readers age 5 – 12 years I was keen to give it a try. ‘Twisted Tales’ as they are called all have a moral behind them, a story line that makes you want to know what happens next and sentences that rhyme helping to anticipate words. The illustrations are fun and the real key is that it looks like a thick book but actually only has a few lines on each page, so the sense of progress through the book really encourages a sense of progress in what is being read.


My Reluctant and not so Reluctant Readers


They had a thumbs up from my reluctant readers and confident readers alike and I would recommend them if reading is a struggle with your children.


About Twisted Tales


 Pale Henry

Pale Henry

A young boy who has spent his whole life hidden away in his attic, afraid to go outside to play with the other children. Pale Henry shows children to make an effort to make friends and to play with others, but also to not worry about being different or a little strange. The book is intended to encourage children to be themselves, even if it’s not how everybody else around them is. (Ages 7+)

Stuart the Bug Eating Man

Stuart The Bug Eating Man

A short, humorous poem about a man who eats insects. He decides to use his ‘talent’ to his advantage and becomes a pest control man. Shows children to make the most of their talents, whatever they may be. Even though Stuart’s talent is a strange one, he uses it to his advantage, works hard and becomes successful. (Ages 5-8) 



An eight year old girl has a secret… she is not an average eight year old. In fact, Jenny is a Werewolf hunting eight year old…The werewolves in the story are scary, but still funny and little silly (much like very big dopey dogs). In fact Jenny eventually captures one and keeps it as a pet, by trapping it in the cat-flap on the back door to her house. (Ages 7+)

Win your copy of Twisted Tales 

If you would like the set they can be purchased on line from  My Little Big Town Publishing at £4.99 per book, or why not enter to win a copy here. All you have to do is leave me a message below saying that you would like to enter. Remember to also leave a way for me to contact you.

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The competition is open to UK residents and will close on Monday 25th February at midnight with the winner announced the following morning. Good luck to all taking part.


Disclosure: I was given my copy of the twisted Tales series to review with my children for this competition and keep for children visiting us on holiday.  However, the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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Congratulations to Danekka Trewick who wins the Twisted Tales set and thank you to all who have taken part.