Valentines Day: The Funny and the Serious

Posted on February 14th, 2013

Valentine’s Day Reflections

This is a special day for Farmer Nick and me, 18 years ago today he proposed to me. I never would have believed when I said “Yes” and burst into tears that I would be reflecting back on that day happily from our holiday farm in Cornwall with our 6 boisterous wonderful children. I still have the card he handed me back then. We were on our way for a holiday of a lifetime to New Zealand and had stopped at Bangkok to refuel, when he produced the card. I had not bothered as he assured me we were flying the other way round the world and crossed the date line missing the 14th. We did leave on 13th and arrive on the 15th so I didn’t think to question this!

 Valentine's card from 18 years ago

It would have been a pretty miserable holiday if I had said no! As it happens I was beginning to wonder if he would ever ask, we had been together 3 years by then and I had long since made up my mind! Needless to say it was a holiday I will never forget and a country I hope to revisit one day. Is romance dead? This was quite out of character for Nick as my Valentine’s presents since then have invariably had a plug attached and belong in the kitchen (no not the bedroom!). I have a large farmhouse kitchen but there is barely an inch of space remaining or a gadget I don’t possess!

Counting my Blessings

When I look around the blogging community at some of the recent heartache I remind myself how lucky I am to be mussing over my latest kitchen gadget with the man of my dreams and healthy lively children. I have been so proud to be part of the blogging community in support of those in need when disaster strikes someone dear. Such an amazing outpouring of support, love, poems and beautifully written tributes I have read. It is something I find hard to express, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t felt with all my heart the pain for these people I have never had the privilege to meet. Today of all days I am thinking of Jennie from Edspire who has lost dear Matilida Mae so recently,  Multiple Daddy who lost the lovable Multiple Mummy so tragically and Tamsyn who is fighting to bring her husband back to a life he can appreciate and the many like them who are unknown to me but for whom Valentine’s day will be a struggle with what might have been.

Life is a rich circle and while some would rather by pass today others may be starting on a new journey of love and hope, just as Nick and I were all those years ago and for them I feel excited.

A bit of Fun from the Farm

Out on the farm this is a happy time of year, the animals are partnered up and spring new born’s are eagerly anticipated. I couldn’t resist a bit of fun in caption form to mark the day. Something light hearted to make you smile, whatever your take on the day.

 Boyo the Bore is loving his holiday with our Dotty

Pigs at Coombe Mill Farm on Valentine's Day

A little domestic going on here?

Peacock's at Coombe Mill Farm on Valentine's Day

Sorting out your priorities is very important…..


Wallabies on the Farm on Valentine's Day

Hopefully in the family way….

Pregnant Sheep on Valentine's Day

Saucy Geese

Geese on the farm on Valentine's Day

I think Clio may be out staying her welcome!

Pony love on Valentine's day

 Seeking a private spot on the farm….

Ducks on the farm on Valentine's day

A case of the Cart before the Horse!

Mummy and baby bunny on Valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones from

Fiona, Farmer Nick and the Children x

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