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Posted on February 16th, 2013

Camp Fires and Kids

Who doesn’t have fond memories of camp fires from childhood? For me they were a huge part of growing up and my children are just the same. On Sunday it bucketed down with rain all day, yet still they disappeared for a couple of hours into the woods returning with charred faces and stinking of firelighters! I really should have joined them and felt guilty for staying indoors cooking. However by Monday after school I decided to see if they would show me where their secret camp fire place was offering in return some damper mix to take along and fillings for a makeshift tea. 

My special damper recipe


Damper Dough

I am not sure where the name or the idea comes from but I was reminded of doing them myself on guide camps when I saw Ciarna’s post on Country Kids last week. They are essentially a dough of flour, water and a knob of butter. cooked round a stick. 

The camp fire spot (which of course I already really knew from the plumes of smoke in the past) is in the field above our house.

Building the fire

The children wasted no time finding dry kindling from the floor of our wood store and combining this with twigs and branches in the field to light the fire. This was entertainment in itself as they battled to turn it into a fire to cook over.

Camp Fire Building

Once the fire had truly caught they each looked out a suitable stick to toast with. The ends were dipped into the fire to sterilize them before the dough mix rolled out into a worm and twisted round the stick. Into the fire they go twisting and turning till browned and stiff. A good blow is then required as the dough is very hot before it is ready to gently slide from the stick. 

Cooking Dampers on the Camp Fire

All ready to choose from our delicious fillings and eat.

Eating from the Camp Fire

Our Tree Swing

Much fire tending between dampers was required, friendly banter over who had the best toasting technique and in between they skipped over to their tree swing. 

Forest Swing

Forest safety 

As we packed up to head home I asked the boys about woodland safety and they explained about the bricks that the fire is set within. Then I asked how they put the fire out. 

“That’s easy Mum, we just tinkle on it”  I’ll spare you the photo but it did the job!

Joining in with Country Kids

What adventures have you been enjoying to blow away the winter cobwebs and enjoy some outdoor fun? Please grab the badge and share on the linky. Remember to check out the other posts as there are always some great ideas. Some of my favourites last week were Hannah’s Mud Fun for sheer simplicity, Annie’s outdoor I – Spy which I thought was quite ingenious and Pedal Power from Patchwork Parent which I would love to do in Cardinham Woods with my kids! 

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