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Posted on February 23rd, 2013

We have gone on Holiday!

Even living in a holiday environment we still like to take a break when we have the chance. This week we have left the farm in the capable hands of Farmer Ted and Farmer Kym to take our week away “on tour” in Sussex, London and Buckinghamshire catching up with family. It makes a change for Nick and I from daily farm life and ensures we return full of enthusiasm and new ideas for the farm. For the children it is a chance to enjoy town life, catching up with cousins and friends and having Mum and Dad to themselves for a week.

One thing is for certain, you can take Country Kids to the town but you can’t quite take the country spirit out of them. Climbing is in their nature, and if there are no suitable trees, well the park climbing frame, the side of a building, a statue or a lamppost become substitutes!

Climbing Country Kids in Town

The scooters, bikes and skate boards Grandma has accumulated in her garage are always put to use from the moment the kids jump out of the car from the long journey. The close is a perfect scooting ground as is the town skate park. Sorry kids we are not building a skate park at Coombe Mill, it will have to stay a holiday treat!  


Scooters and Skate Park


What no sand? Brighton beach has a Pier and pebbles, so different from the sand and surf in Cornwall yet perfect for a February Picnic. Of course it wasn’t long before they were down at the water’s edge playing dare against the waves. Needless to say the waves won and 6 soggy pairs of shoes and trouser bottoms trooped back towards the car…..


 Beach Picnic and Fun with the Waves

 but not before having a go in this one on Brighton Pier, if only to compare with ours!

 Brighton Pier


Negotiating London by car and tube to visit family and friends has been stressful at times, counting the children on and off the tube my least favourite part, but it was all worth for it some great days out together.


Family and Friends


The only casualty of the week was Clio who managed to break her arm on the first day scooting too fast at the park. she was very brave and we only took her to hospital as a precaution not thinking it was broken! If you look closely you will see her sling in all the photos here.


Clio with broken arm

Joining In with Country Kids

I hope you have had a fun half term week too with plenty of outdoor fun in the sunshine. Please do grab the badge and come and share here on the linky. Please try to pop over and see some of the other posts here as there are always some lovely ideas to inspire. Last week I was really taken with An Impromptu Adventure from Taming the Goblin, Finding Letters in Nature from Rachel and the lovely Muddy Puddle video from 2 of Everything.


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