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Posted on March 8th, 2013

An old Favourite

There is something great about planning a day out that you have experienced many times before and know you are all going to enjoy. Familiarity, anticipation and knowledge of the activity all plays a part. It is like this for us and cycling to Padstow for fish and chips. Such a simple activity, but something we have enjoyed as a family since the children were babies in bike carriers. They have all now mastered miles of the Camel Trail and really look forward to the freedom of being off road and challenge of beating one another along the way.


The excitement starts the day before when a bunch of used and abused bicycles are cleaned up and checked for safety before being carefully loaded onto the car by Dad. There is always a bust brake or gear to be dealt with by my boys! 


 Bike Preparation

Coombe Mill to Padstow

My eldest son Alistair is very keen on cycling and decided we should both go from home and meet the others at Padstow. It is nearly 20 miles along the trail, which goes via Bodmin following the old railway line, but I was up for the challenge. It was bitterly cold so we both wrapped up, I did wonder if Alistair was going to back out when he saw me in my bobble hat and safety glasses and I had to promise to remove them before we entered Padstow, in case any school friends should see such an uncool Mum!


 Mum all wrapped up

The scenery along the stretch of the Camel trail is varied and breathtaking from woodland to Eastury views with plenty of picnic benches along the way. We had such a grown up chat cycling side by side on the almost deserted trail. I love that at age fourteen he still enjoys time with me as a friend and hope I can keep this relationship going, removing my hat and glasses felt a small price to pay! 

 Cycling the Camel Trail

Nick had dropped the others half way at Wadebridge then taken the car to Padstow with the one armed Clio (broken arm from 2 weeks ago). Alistair and I were last to arrive being over ambitious on our timing but the welcome committee were there to greet us.

 Arriving by Bicycle at Padtow


It was straight into Rick Stein for fish and chips and a sneaky half pint for Nick and me too, glasses and hat removed of course.


 Fish 'n' Chips at Rick Stein's Restaurant

Fun Time

Fully filled and warmed up we had a wonder round the harbour and the boys imagined themselves as top pirates smuggling the boats anchored up. It wasn’t long before a dare to step aboard was in place. I think Alistair rather fancied himself as Captain before Dad roared at him to come back before the younger ones followed his lead and the owners appeared wondering what they were all playing at!

Pirate Play aboard a harbour boat

Having been moved on from pirate smuggling the children headed down the slip way where the tide was right out to skim stones in the boggy sand. Unbelievably they managed not to get stuck or need a pull out while challenging each other over the number of skims they could manage and the size of rock they could lift! 

Boggy Sand and skimming pebbles


A lovely day out that still remains a favourite with us all. Best of all, just toasted teacakes for dinner and no cooking for me!

Joining In with Country Kids

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