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Posted on March 15th, 2013

Who Needs Snow?

My children have been just a little jealous of the rest of the country, many of you I know are fed up to the back teeth with the cold and the snow, but here in Cornwall we just haven’t seen a flake. In fact until this week it has been really rather mild this winter. Fortunately my gang are blessed with plenty of imagination and they are proof that where there is a will there is a way. In the absence of snow they gathered the fluffy mounds of soil from the irksome mole hills that have been plaguing the farm and launched into a “mud ball” fight. 

Mud Ball Fun

The expressions on their faces say it all, such simple fun and it flattened the mounds of earth out nicely too!

Then Snow Arrived!

OK, so not exactly in the same league as many of you have seen, but we finally saw our first flakes of the season and the children couldn’t have been more excited. There was no chance of making lovely igloos or even a snow man with the fine powdery dusting, but our trampoline seemed to attract the snow like a magnet. The children didn’t wait to ask and for once I didn’t insist they took their shoes off, instead reaching for the camera to capture their enjoyment.


Trampolining in the snow


No surprise that next up was the snow ball fight they had been dreaming of. They gathered every pooling snow flurry they could reach and chased each other round the garden and trampoline until their fingers were icy cold.


Snow ball fight


At least they can finally say they remember what snow is like. I wonder if it will be sledges next or if we really are going to move into spring? 

Joining In with Country Kids

Country Kids is all about discovering the joy of the outdoors, fresh air and adventure are an important part of growing up and here is the perfect place to share and be inspired with how to create and enjoy that time with your children. Do please grab the badge, add your link and take a look around at what other’s have been up to. Some of my favourite posts from last week were Taming the Goblin for her winter beach fun, The Crumby Mummy for her funny farm Video and The Boy and Me and Chelsea Mamma who have both been inspired by the National Trust’s Natural Childhood Day, a perfect match with Country Kids promoting healthy outdoor fun times.    

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