Horrible Histories Toys Review

Posted on March 27th, 2013

Hooray for Horrible Histories 

Everyone with a child in primary school will have heard of the horrible histories books. Loved by teachers, kids and parents alike they captivate the young with fun facts from history in a way that is fun and engaging, just as learning should be. All of my children will happily recite the words from the Henry the 8th song, yet no one made them learn it. I am the biggest fan and wish more subjects could be given the horrible histories treatment.

Bring the books to life

New to the shops in March are some lovely Horrible Histories Toys to support the books. They come in handy starter packs of Roman and Egyptian figures for £14.99 and battle sets for £9.99 complete with Action cards, instructions and all you need to start to play. If your children have some Easter Money to spend this could be the answer; available to buy from John Lewis, Amazon, Smyths and Toys R Us. 

Horrible Histories starter Packs

For building up a collectors set there are individual characters to purchase. These retail at just £1.99 and I can see becoming the latest playground must have with pocket money savings. There is a childish excitement to opening the shiny packs and assembling the characters.


Horrible Histories Starter Set


My children were quick to open up the sets and set up a battle ground in the garden with twigs laid out as the dividing line between armies. There are handy Action cards to create battle scenes from the most basic to more complex games depending on the age of the child. Mine took a cursory look and soon it fired up their imaginations for how the battle would be played.


Horrible Histories Battle in Action

The range is aimed at six to eight year old children and I would say this is about right. My triplets are eight and certainly didn’t feel it was in anyway beneath them, even the 10 year old came over to join in for a while. The pieces of armour are a little fiddly to attach for less dexterous children but the base and the figures are very simple to construct and arrange. Catapults and pigs are all ready to go so it is just a case of open and play! Hours of fun with some good team work, negotiation, some heated discussion and imagination. The sort of play I am always keen to encourage.


Horrible History Toys get the thumbs up from us.



Check out the official web site at www.horriblehistoriestoys.co.uk for more information, sign up to their newsletter and see the characters at play.


Disclosure: Disclosure: I was given my Horrible History Toys to review for this post.  However, the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.