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Posted on March 28th, 2013

Just a walk in the park?

As a parent taking a trip out to a local park, canal side or beach is not as simple as it sounds. You have to remember a whole multitude of items that will help you manage any circumstance and any weather; balled up gloves and woolly hats jostle for place with sun cream and umbrellas in every Mother’s Mary Poppins bag. Then there is the pressure of ensuring they are dressed appropriately in mini trainers, sponge bob scarf and duffle coat; all of this is before you’ve even begun the battle with the pushchair.

Strolling Out with toddlers

For younger children and babies a trip out would not be possible without a pushchair as invariably even toddlers will spend some of the time seated, tired out from chasing ducks and the like. But as a parent, particularly if you are tackling the trip alone, this can be a rather daunting prospect. Taking a pushchair means you have to be able to collapse it and reassemble it at the drop of a hat, lift it with ease and of course fit in all of the afore-mentioned essentials.

Pushchair dilemmas

So what should you take into consideration when picking out a new stroller or pushchair?  Firstly it has to be appropriate for you as a parent. Think about the answers to questions such as: Can you work it? Can you carry it? Does it have enough pockets for all of your personal effects? How does it collapse and set up? Is it sturdy enough? What kind of wheels does it have? Is it safe and secure?

Once you’ve considered all of these practicalities next, it is of course, time to consider the child who will be using the pushchair. Questions to think about are: Is it an appropriate size? Is it comfortable? Is it adjustable for when they grow? Is there a sun visor and rain cover? Is there room to attach toys or store books?

With so many things to think about it is advisable to do your research online before going into any specialist stores who may just recommend expensive or designer prams without consideration for your needs. To avoid this, write a clear list of what you want and then check out a few different ranges online. Try looking at these lightweight strollers and pushchairs from Britax maybe they will suit if you are after a lightweight and travel-friendly purchase?

Pushchair for baby or toddler

Remember that a bit of time spent on researching will make life much easier every time you want to go out with your child/children in future. So take your time and choose wisely for happy strolling ahead! 


Out with a stroller

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