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Posted on April 5th, 2013

Easter Magic

Having watched so many lovely Easter Egg hunts on Country Kids last week I thought I’d share our fun day here at Coombe Mill.

Last week saw many regular guests returning to the farm to the delight of my children. We have become a meeting ground for children from year to year and they just pick up where they left off each year, yet also including any new arrivals into their group in that casual “just join in” way that children do. It is lovely to watch the spread of ages and see those now into secondary school still favouring returning to the farm for their holidays and playing out with the younger children, the worries of school class years and age forgotten.

 making friends and playing on the river


I had been asked by parents even before they arrived if we would be organizing an Easter Egg Hunt and had raided the shops in advance for all the small egg, chicken and bunny chocolates I could find. Thank goodness I did since the shops were empty the day before! That was the easy part, deciding how best to organize 30 children from age 1 to 13 on a hunt was more tricky. In the end I came up with a plan that worked a treat.

Our daily tractor rides leave the main car park to feed the animals at 9 am. Just before everyone assembled for the first ride of the week I nipped into the adjacent toddler ride on play area to hide the first wave of chocolates.


Hiding Easter Eggs in the Toddler Play Area

The children arrived expecting to hop into the tractor but instead the under 5 year old’s were invited into the play area to see if they could find an egg first. It was bitterly cold and I think the chocolate fueled them on for the rest of the feed run as they all lasted the full hour and a half.

Toddler Easter Egg Hunt

Ten minutes later and the tractor set off with further treats in store.


Easter Tractor Ride at Coombe Mill Farm


It has become a bit of a tradition for our chickens to lay chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday and the children knew just what to expect hunting in the nesting boxes. I had to ensure I strategically dropped a few more encouraging them to “check again” if the box had already been emptied! Satisfied that everyone had an egg and that the chickens, ducks and wallabies had been fed, the tractor continued.

Finding chocolate eggs in the chickens


When they finally wound up back at the car park I gave the older children a half an hour warning to go and warm up and wash their hands before returning for their Easter Egg Hunt. With a huge cheer they did as instructed, I hope!

I toyed with writing farm clues and making it more of a game but all they really wanted to do was tear around and find chocolate so in the end I decided to humor them hiding chocolates around the farm in the daffodils, gate posts, up trees all over a wide area. The chocolates sank into the undergrowth more than I anticipated and I had to remember where many had fallen. It became all part of the fun as they raced from place to place as a group while I shouted out clues to them.


Older Kids Egg Hunt

I was delighted it all worked out and that I had thought to separate out the younger children before as I knew the older ones would be excited and boisterous. 

Joining In with Country Kids

Country Kids is about being outdoors, being free from computers and television for a while in favour of enjoying the freedom of the garden, woods, the park or the beach. Even our towns and cities have some space where children can enjoy a little freedom to create, imagine and explore. If you have had the chance to do this recently please join in by grabbing the badge and linking up below. Do take a look at the other posts here; there are always some inspirational ideas. Last week I loved all the National Trust Easter Trail posts, from what I could see they were great value, educational and fun, a perfect combination!

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