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Posted on April 12th, 2013

The 4th Coombe Mill Annual Raft Race

It has become a bit of a tradition over the Easter break to hold a raft building and racing morning. I would love to take credit for this one but I have to hand that to a family of our regular guests. My contribution being more to inform those unaware that they are missing the event of the week and to come on over and join in. This is one that works in numbers and with a little guidance the children just love the whole thing.

It all begins after the morning feed run as the children gather round the outside of our hosting family’s lodge. Prepared with the best of Coombe’s recycling, gathered twigs, masking tape and a bundle of Farmer Nick’s old baler twine Mums, Dad’s and children set to work to build and name their raft for the race. 


Raft Building


To sustain the builders were some delicious homemade muffins; perfect on a chilly morning.  

 Muffins for all the raft builders


Building complete it is down to the river. I did my best amidst the excitement to gather the children for a quick photo with their rafts

Ready to Race


Then they are handed down to the water for the grand send off. Much shouting, cheering and a few prods from a good stick when they run ashore and they are away.

Racing Rafts


I love to watch the video; the excitement in the children’s voices is obvious as they dash down to the finishing line along the banks of the river.

The winner once again is the original raft of 4 years ago. This one comes back each year to face the new challengers but is yet to be beaten. It has been into school for show and tell, used as an example of ideas with water and explaining buoyancy in science; a true treasure from Coombe Mill.

Winning Raft

There were many tactics tried this year from a little water or sand to prevent capsizing, to taller and wider sails. It made a great science experiment never mind the fun!

Down at the finishing line the children waded into rescue their rafts before they drifted off downstream.


Rescuing Rafts


Only my boys had to go one step further and jump off the bridge to the calls of “please can we do that” from the guests children!



My sincere thanks go to our guests for organizing a great morning on the farm.

Joining in with Country Kids 

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