A Lesson From The Kids

Posted on April 17th, 2013

A poorly boy

I am having one of those weeks when my outdoor children, who are usually as tough as old boots and hardy to the extreme, have instead been falling one after another to a ghastly sickness bug. I think they are on a rota between themselves to see whose turn it is to have a day at home with Mum! When children feel unwell they have that special flushed look or are worryingly colourless, either way the only option is to send them back to bed with a sick bowl! You know they are not playing you up when there is no argument and no desire to hang out on the sofa with the television for company. Guy was off yesterday and when I saw him this morning, there was no way school was an option! Given I had Clio sick in the night I figured at least they could keep each other company!

Guy looking poorly

How Things Can Change

By lunch time they had both moved to the sofa and wondered downstairs in their pyjamas. Declaring themselves hungry I let them munch on some plain toast and glasses of water before suggesting that a walk over to the farm to help me feed the lambs might cheer them up. Clio mumbled she wasn’t up to it but Guy agreed to join me. I know I bang on about the power of fresh air but as we walked across the wooded path chatting together Guy visibly improved.

Guy Feeding the Lambs

By the time we returned the sun was shining and he and Clio made themselves comfy on the sun loungers in the garden. I was conscious that it was nearly school pick up time and that the older children had surf club at the beach. I had no intention of taking the poorly pair but since Nick had gone out shopping for an emergency bath replacement for one of our properties they had to come. I wrapped them up and thought a little sea air wouldn’t hurt.

A Miraculous Recovery

The pictures tell it all really, hardly looking poorly now! I warned them it wasn’t a good idea and hadn’t even taken Guy’s wet suit, yet still when I turned my back there he was playing in the sea with Jed while Clio hovered round the surf group, leggings pushed up to make shorts. 

At the beach looking far from unwell!

I am delighted to say it is school for all today. I really do marvel at the way for children a bug can descend like a hail storm, pound their whole being then leave them, just like the sun breaking through the clouds as though the storm had never been. This is a skill I think we loose with age; I am far more inclined to struggle on when feeling poorly and only gradually return to full strength again. I would love to be like my children and just bounce straight back into life firing on all cylinders.