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Posted on April 19th, 2013

Secret Dens and Campfires

The children had been entertaining themselves beautifully last weekend; out on the farm from dawn to dusk I could never find them, apart from when they came in asking for permission to go up to the village shop. I gave them each some money and off they toddled. It is a lovely cross country journey which I am happy for them to do by themselves. They came back armed with marshmallow sweets and inviting me and Grandma to join them at their Den.  What they hadn’t said was that the den and camp fire were half way up the ravine, poor Grandma was worried about tripping over in the undergrowth, but Guy took great care to ensure he led her up the safest path.

Grandma and Guy


Once there I was of course invited into the most camouflage den I have ever seen. You really wouldn’t know it was there as you approach. They had built it into a granite outcrop supported by branches and an old bed head dragged up from Dad’s shed and covered it all with leaves and twigs.


Proud of their woodland den

We took Grandma carefully back then I returned to watch their campfire, and share in a marshmallow or two!


Woodland Campfire


The project didn’t end there, the following day I was summonsed to see the improvements they had been working on, the den had become a full on fort and I have to hand it to them for imagination. It rather reminded me of a scene out of Lord of the flies. The Camp had been extended, the camp fire laid with stones and seating like a proper cooking area. There were coat stands and best of all a camp hedge and sign for “Camp Scull” together with a horse skull on the end of an old pole! 


Camp Skull


Camp Skull Complete


They showed me the treasure they had collected, a horse tooth, bone and a complete pot which were displayed on their shelves. It really was rather an impressive find. 

Camp Skull Treasure

When I asked if they had to defend their camp from any passing enemy they dashed off to show me their hill top hide out from where they charged down the bank to tackle any intruders. 


It was baths before dinner after all that bulding and play in the great outdoors!


Joining In with Country Kids

What ever you have been doing with the children to enjoy the outdoors is welcome here on the linky. Please grab the badge and join in. From city park to country woods, fresh air and freedom from indoor screens is good for us all. Do take a few minutes to check out some of the others linked up, there are always some wonderful ideas. I have got to try cooking with wild garlic after seeing what Christine made from a foraging adventure. This ice home adventure fascinated me from Bavarian Sojourn and I really want a beach day after reading Helen’s day with the Princess and the Pickle.

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