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Posted on April 26th, 2013

The Triplets Birthday Party

My babies were 9 on Sunday and to celebrate we organized a Birthday Party of epic proportions all based around simple outdoor fun and games on the farm. Three hours responsible for seventeen over excited nine year olds always scares me, silly really as I have organised so many parties over the years, but I always feel so responsible for other people’s children. In the end I counted two falls but no broken bones or tears which I consider a success from my side. As for the triplets, they described it as “Epic” and “The best party ever” followed by “please can we do exactly the same next year?” as I cleared endless party popper and paper remains from around the garden.

Here’s what they did:

After excitedly opening presents the boys hurried off to feed the lambs and see the much talked about Camp Skull

Boys at Camp Skull & feeding the lambs

The girls headed for a game of tag in the play barn.

Girls Play


After an hour of “free time” they drifted back to the house and I engaged them in some pre planned team games:

Coombe Mill Farm Treasure Hunt

Before the party began I had hidden 7 clues per team out around the farm, each with a letter on the bottom. The boys and girls were in competition to complete their clues and return to the house and make a word from the letters on the clues. The rain had been forecast to fall for the exact 3 hours of the party and did exactly that. In anticipation I had wrapped the clues in cling film and hidden them in walls, under play equipment and in the BBQ hut to ensure they were still readable an hour later when they were discovered. Thankfully the children loved the excitement of running off in search of the clues and the idea of being in competition girls against boys and no one seamed worried about the rain. Only I was bothered as I tried in vain to clear droplets from the camera lense!

Treasure Hunt on the Farm


The girls were home with their anagram complete a good 5 minutes before the boys who had cheated and not found lost a clue along the way!


Winning Team on the Treasure Hunt

Pinata Mayhem

Instead of buying Pinatas we gave the girls and boys sellotape, brown paper, bags of recycled paper and plastic and a prefilled box of sweets. The challenge was to make a pinata for the other team to play. Again boys against girls they embarked on the task with heaps of enthusiasm in their bid to make a parcel the other would never manage to crack open. The girls worked with relative quiet concentration while the boys just had too many team leaders in their group and the noise was deafening!


Nick hung the finished pinatas from the veranda while each team found themselves a stick from the farm to whack their pinatas. Once again it was the girls who triumphed, competitive spirits riding high. I have to say I think this was the event of the party and under the shelter of the veranda it kept the rain off perfectly!  



Who’s the Mummy?

While Nick worked on the BBQ I handed each team a toilet roll. They had to select their Mummy from the group and all take it in turns to add layers. They found it surprisingly hard not to let the paper rip in their quest to wrap their team mate quickly in the allocated 5 minutes. I declared this one a draw to save face for the boys!


 A race to make the best Mummy


Time was running on and many of the parents had begun to arrive by the time we ate the BBQ and cut the cake.


 Birthday Cake and BBQ


I would have loved them to have waited for their tea to settle before diving onto the bouncy castle which had largely been ignored until now thanks to the rain, but there is no stopping an excited group of nine year olds. The water guns made it even more slippery just when the rain had eased off, but they claimed that just made it more fun!


 Bouncy Castle


No wonder the hours just flew by. 

Joining in with Country Kids

Country Kids is all about enjoying the outdoors, whether it be the freedom to run and play or a craft or learning activity, outdoor time away from screens and central heating is good for mind and body. Please come and join in by grabbing the badge and linking up your outdoor fun with the kids. The Linky is every Saturday to Thursday, even if you have forgotten to take the camera out and have nothing to add, please take a look at some of the other ideas here and remember everyone enjoys a comment. Last week with a whopping 78 link ups I am struggling to pick just a few to suggest to visit, but in the end I decided on the pond work from Navigating by Joy for her home schooling adventure  A beautiful trip to Victoria Park in London from Liska and a day out with The National Trust from Sara – Jayne Jones

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