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Posted on May 3rd, 2013

A family Day out to Cornwall Crealy Adventure Park

The children adored Crealy when they were younger but we haven’t visited in years. Several of my friends have membership and the children really wanted to join them for a family outing so we packed a picnic, left Daddy tinkering on the railway line at Coombe Mill (this one is really starting to annoy him now) and set off. Crealy is only half an hour from Coombe Mill but compared to our sheltered valley the exposed hilly coastal location always means an argument with my kids to take a jumper for the cold and a waterproof coat for the wet rides! I had a free pass for two of us which only left five to pay for. I was expecting it to be expensive but £80 for five was still a shock! Small children do get in free but my only just 9 year olds counted as adults which I thought was a tad steep! Up grading to £150 gave me annual membership so I figured it was worth the extra for the younger ones. We will have to make plenty of use of it now! 

Something for Everyone

There is plenty to keep young children amused with small ride on play, sand and diggers and seasonal shows, Peppa Pig was there on our vist. The toilets are good and dotted all around the park which is handy with little ones. 


Things for Tots at Crealy


As an adult I appreciate that there is plenty of green space, picnic tables and a beautiful lake to take a wonder when my kids have dashed off to do their own thing, though I do wish they would put wi fi in, with no phone signal and no wi fi it is really cut off. 


Lake at Crealy Cornwall



There are plenty of farm animals too but given where we live my kids didn’t give then a second glance, though they did find the reptile house fascinating.


Reptile House at Crealy Cornwall


It is the rides that really do it for my children, they had a wild time dashing from one daring ride to another and the queues were only minutes. This is where I would love a decent camera to capture their faces flying down the slides and log flume. It is far from my perfect fun, but I did brave a few rides with them and managed not to look too green at the other end!



The kids would have me back again tomorrow, but there is only so much Crealy I can cope with. Still it was good to get out and have a forced break from any work and a totally different sort of day for my Country Kids.

Joining In with Country Kids

Hoping you have some outdoor adventures to link up. From play to learning, the garden to the beach, please come and share your inspiration for enjoying the outdoors. Please grab the badge and remember to check some of the other lovely ideas here. A few that stood out for me last week were the tadpole to frog explanation from Cafe Babe, a lovely day out from Silk Scarf Mum and how could I not point you to this wonderful first day of the holidays from Edspire. I also promised a mention for the Lollibop Festival 2013 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London on August 16-18 which looks like a fun family day out. They are selling tickets now and I saw lots of good feedback on line from the event last year, but sadly a tad too far away for me! 


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