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Posted on May 10th, 2013

Greek Easter

Greek Easter is one of the greatest events of the year for the Greek community. With Farmer Nick being half Greek it is a custom I have come to love too. For the past few years we have been to visit the family in Sussex, but this year as we had holiday cottages available on the required dates we invited family and friends to us, included our Cornish friends and Coombe Mill Guests and made it a real party to remember. Our garden and the wider facilities of Coombe Mill turned out to be a wonderful place to host the festivities while the glorious bank holiday weather was a real bonus.

The main feature of the day is a spit roast lamb which has to be rigged up from early hours and tended lovingly for the duration of the morning and well into the party. All the children helped out and had a hand in basting and turning. Nick remembers fondly doing the same as a child and encourages ours to help knowing that one day they will want to host the celebrations themselves. 

 Spit Roast Lamb for Greek Easter

Food and drink is the main feature of the party, and there was plenty to go round as I brought out course after course. So many friends and family helped to make the dishes that it really was a team effort. 

 Greak Food

This is very much a family day and while the adults chatted the children had their own entertainment. For the youngest I raided the toy boxes of the properties and laid them out on a picnic rug so that they could be part of the party with something to keep them entertained.


 Toddler Entertainment


The older children all took off around the farm to play, popping back in to visit the never ending food table periodically to see if a new delicacy was on offer. I broke away from the adults at one stage to catch them all climbing a tree in the sheep field and in with the rabbits. It was lovely for them to have the freedom to come and go as they pleased.


 Farm Freedom for Older Kids

The highlight for the children is the egg game and our children couldn’t wait to show their Cornish friends how to play this all so Greek game. Each person holds a hard boiled egg, cooked in special red dye, and takes it in turn to hit the opponents’ egg to see whose will crack first. The winner is the person whose egg is unbroken. This year’s winner was just two years old so the rest of us have a thing or two to learn. With all the eggs cracked it became a free for all for the kids in a massive egg fight.

 Greek Red Egg Game

The adults watched from afar sipping retzina, eating and chatting in the sun!


Adults relax


A Rare picture of Nick and I together enjoying our party

Nick and I enjoying our Greek Easter Party

If I say so myself, it was a wonderful garden party as part of an amazing bank holiday weekend with all our family and friends together. 


Joining in with Country Kids  


Country Kids is all about having fun outdoors; spending time away from screens and sofas and enjoying playing, crafting or learning outside anywhere from the garden to the beach. Stretching limbs and imagination and enjoying family time is important for us all.

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