Blame the Tooth Fairy!

Posted on May 13th, 2013

Mythical Traditions

Where did the tooth fairy originate? As parents many of you, like me, will feed your children all sorts of tales over the years about the alleged tooth fairy. One minute we are keen to see our children demonstrate maturity for their years, to understand the basics of life, values and science, the next we are indulging in fantasy folk such as the Easter Bunny, Santa and the tooth fairy. Why? Because it is endearing to us, we know it won’t last and in the end it is harmless, magical fun. 


Tooth Fairy Image

Beware of the tooth fairy trap!

We have indulged our own children in all this nonsense and to our peril! However as I prepare to morph into the tooth fairy tonight for Clio, I thought I would share some of the pitfalls ahead for those new to the wonder of the tooth fairy, in the hope that forewarned you will fare better at these hurdles than me.

There may be trouble ahead………….

  • Watch out for the waking child as you tip toe into the room £1 in hand. I have lost track of the number of times I have stuffed a pound up my sleeve and pretended I was just popping in to check on them! “What again Mummy, but you might put the tooth fairy off?”
  • You make it to the bed, child still sleeping but they have buried the tooth so far under the pillow you can’t find it, leaving you deliberating whether to leave the £1 anyway or risk turning on the light.
  • They suspect you may actually be the tooth fairy and test their theory by not telling you about the tooth that fell out in class, instead waiting then confronting you 3 days later as to why the fairy never came!
  • Alternatively they may test their suspicions by hiding the tooth in a secret place so you can’t find it!
  • Some lucky kid at school tells your child he or she had an amazing present from the tooth fairy, or they always get a £5 when you only give £1, how do you explain that one away? I have tried saying “Perhaps X brushes his teeth better so their tooth is worth more than yours” Only to be met with “but Mummy, X’s teeth are really yellow, that’s why he had to have it taken out at the dentist!”
  • Never get complacent, with 6 children I have simply forgotten to deliver. In fact we have had the tooth fairy not check on Coombe Mill for 4 nights before! I have tried in vain to cover my failings claiming that “Coombe Mill is a very tricky place to find” and once again been flawed by the response “but fairies fly so they would easily see us and Santa always finds us?” Why can’t my kids be this smart at school? 

I still have 6 little pots of teeth hidden in my bedroom, each with a tale to tell. I am sure Clio really knows the truth now and hasn’t bothered to hide the tooth too well in case I don’t find it! However at age 9 neither of us are quite ready to leave the magic behind and she still coverts the pound!


And so to bed:


Bedtime and hoping the Tooth Fairy will visit Coombe Mill


And then I wait and TRY to remember to return…..


Tooth Fairy at Work



The morning will be a success on this occasion.

I would love to hear of any similar stories, and if you are yet to go through this, take note and steer clear of the pitfalls!