Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on May 18th, 2013

Gardening Time

For weeks now I have been busy commenting on some lovely little garden helpers in Country Kids posts. This week as the rain
thwarted our plans to attend the Lostwithiel festival we enjoyed so much last year, I decided it was time to transform the greenhouse from abandoned lamb shelter and bike storage into a thriving veggie house for the season. The children were only too keen to help.

Unloved Green House


First step was a wheelbarrow for all the old straw and weeds. It took several barrow loads but gave the boys a chance to bring the quad to help take all the unwanted contents to the compost heap across the river.


Clearing the Greenhouse



In the process we found some enormous snails and slugs which the children collected and made a home for.  It slowed down the green house makeover but I was in no rush and happy to be distracted by things that took their imagination. They did frighten the life out of me by uncovering an abandoned toy snake that looked far too real decaying in the soil!

Snails, Slugs & a snake?

Promising a snail race later we returned to our now cleared and weeded Greenhouse with enthusiasm. I was thrilled to uncover the herb section which had survived the lamb invasion remarkably well and set about planting the tomato plants I had been given at Greek Easter last weekend. The children learned how to turn the pots over and carefully loosen the plants. Dug holes with their trowels, lined them with fresh compost and watered them in. 


 Planting out the Green House


Next we tackled the outdoor section behind the green house. Here we planted my rosemary bush out from its winter pot and tried to bed in some wild garlic my Mum had brought up after I had become so taken with scones made with it by Thinly Spread.


 Planting outside


The children had been so helpful and enjoyed the whole process so much more than I had anticipated that I took them to our local nursery Cedar Croft to buy a few more things, since they don’t actually like tomatoes! They each chose their own plants with helpful advice from the lovely ladies who run the shop and came back armed with peppers, cucumber, strawberry plants and some more herbs for me. Where the labels were missing they made their own.


Planting their own choices   


Our work done we set about the promised snail race. It was great fun and produced much cheering and shouting and just a little cheating when the snails refused to cooperate! I love the tomato podium for the Olympics style awards ceremony at the end! 


 Snail Race and Awards


The final find of the day was a toad in our drain! The children excitedly photographed him and held him like a pet. Setting him free if was like a send off for a long lost friend! That and the snail race I think were their highlights.




From a day which initially looked so drab came one which excited and enchanted. It just goes to show that so long as you can adapt your plans a wet day needn’t be an indoor day.


Joining in with Country Kids.

Country Kids is all about having fun outdoors; spending time away from screens and sofas and enjoying playing, crafting or learning outside anywhere from the garden to the beach. Stretching limbs and imagination and enjoying family time is important for us all. Please grab the badge and add your adventures. There are always plenty of lovely ideas so do take a few minutes to visit some of the other posts here too.

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