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Posted on May 24th, 2013

Cycling across Bodmin Moor

This was an ambitious outing but I am never one to turn down a challenge. The eldest has a new Mountain bike for his birthday earlier this month and was really keen for us to go cycling and put it through its paces. A few fix it problems had popped up on the farm keeping Dad from joining us and since trying to rig up six bikes to the off road trails at Cardinham woods felt like too much effort without his help, we opted instead to cycle from Coombe Mill onto Bodmin Moor. It is only a mile, but it is uphill all the way! I knew it would be too much for the younger ones but didn’t want to stop them trying so six of us set off but six soon became four as Guy and then Theo dropped out on the mile long climb blaming problems on their bikes.

Cycling from Coombe Mill to Bodmin Moor

I gave Jed the option to turn back with Theo or continue all the way with the bigger two and me, I didn’t want him cycling through the village alone; he wavered then decided to come. We ended up being out for the best part of 3 hours. It wasn’t all cycling, we stopped to explore along the way making it much more fun for the boys.

Jed swapped from bike to quad as we bumped into Ally’s old school friend rounding up sheep and he kindly gave Jed a spin over the moor. The boys lost contact gradually after opting for different secondary schools so it was lovely to catch up.


Jed on the back of a Quad Bike


Further along Ally leapt off his bike announcing that this was the path he crossed doing his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award the previous week. He led us across the field to an old sun dial he remembered resting on and regaled us with tales of the expedition before they all jumped down.


 Off Exploring on Bodmin Moor

The landscape changes dramatically on higher ground. We could see the Tors (rocky outcrops) in the distance, felt the fresh air and appreciated the bleakness of the landscape which revealed a mysterious stone circle that had us speculating on ancient settlements. There was even a strange central stone with loose change and things on it and I wondered if we had stumbled over a geocaching site? On looking the site back at home I found a whole article on the stone circle in the Heritage Journal  


Stone circles looking towards Rough Tor


Across from the ancient settlement is the old Stannon Clay mine. No longer mined it is fenced off with keep out signs. This just made the boys curious and they hopped over and up the grassy hill to investigate only to find a field littered with granite chunks of rock, but rolling back down was fun!

Stannon Clay Works

Poor Jed on his BMX was flagging on the way back; thank goodness it was mainly downhill, I was so proud of him we really did go for miles.

The Triumphant 4 Cyclists return to Coombe Mill

Coombe Woods

Sending the older ones indoors for homework, it turned out Ally had his GCSE literacy first paper in the morning; I took the younger ones across the farm into Bluebell Woods. A breathtaking sight awaited us. We played forty forty in as the sun sank low, swung on the tree swing and made bluebell angels. What more could you want from a day?


Joining in with Country Kids

Country Kids is all about enjoying family time outdoors, leaving the screens indoors and engaging our children in outdoor pursuits. Exploring through play, crafts, learning opportunities and days out helps to stretch imaginations and create family time. Please come and join me. Grab the badge and share your outdoor fun here on the linky. There are always some wonderful activities so please take a look around. Some of my favourites last week were Daisy Meadow from Cheryl at Madhouse Family Reviews, I thought of this post while watching Jed rolling down the hills at the clay mine. Bluebell Woods from No Time for Ironing, one of many posts that inspired me to take ours in to Coombe Woods last weekend and finally  On the Beach from Daisy Broomfield which I hope to be doing this week over half term!

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