Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on May 31st, 2013

The Launceston Steam Fair

I love a family day out, something we can all do together and ideally one which doesn’t break the bank for a family of eight. Nick had found out about the Launceston Steam fair from our window cleaner, since he was showing his small steam engine there. 

After looking it up on the internet we decided there was enough happening to make it a family day out. I baked a loaf during the morning feed run on the farm to make the packed lunch and then we set off in high spirits with glorious sunshine. 

With my gang lunch was first on the agenda; well packing for eight is heavy to carry around so I wasn’t going to complain. Sitting on straw bales watching the vintage cars in the arena the boys were in heaven.


Picnic at Launceston Steam Fair



Ambling around the exhibits the children admired, poked and questioned owners on all manner of tractors, steam engines and the like, I was surprised and delighted by their interest.  


Machines at Launceston Steam Fair


We even saw an old Triumph Stag just like the one we owned when the eldest two children were tiny, Nick had to look very carefully since it was even the same model and colour as ours. Given the lack of back seat belts it had to go soon after they were born, now they wished we still owned it and so do I, it would be lovely for a drive over the Moors on a summers day.


Triumph Stag



Seeing the kids with stunt bikes was a real highlight. Their moves were spectacular if hard to capture on camera, now I have 5 boys asking where they can learn!


 Stunt Bikes


The older boys stayed on to admire more vehicles with Dad while the younger ones and I headed for the craft stalls. Clio was her element in and out of the jewellery stands before joining Guy and Jed to watch a magic show while Theo and I came up close with some truly unusual pets. Theo was full of fascination until the owner took the giant lizard out and offered it to him to hold! Theo was rather worried for me too as he removed the lid from the tarantula and in the name of blogging I zoomed in close! Later that night holding the Lizard was apparently the highlight of his day, not that you would believe it to watch him!


Crafts, magic and exotic pets


It was candy floss all round for the children while we waited for Daddy and the bigger boys to meet up with us.


 Candyfloss at the Fairground


The children were taken with a challenge to win themselves twenty pounds. Climbing a ladder chained top and bottom without turning the ladder over to win £20 or cycle the reverse steering bicycle 20 yards sounds easy and looked easy watching the professional, but my boys show in the video here how impossibly hard it really was! Safe to say the clever man kept his £5 from my children and the £20 remained pinned to the top of the ladder.  

All in all there was something for everyone and a fun day out which cost us only £30 including treats. Not bad for a large family! 

Joining in with Country Kids

Country Kids is all about enjoying family time outdoors, leaving the screens indoors and engaging our children in outdoor pursuits. Exploring through play, crafts, learning opportunities and days out helps to stretch imaginations and create family time. Please come and join me. Grab the badge and share your outdoor fun here on the linky. There are always some wonderful activities so please take a look around. It is always hard to single out just a few to highlight each week but I have to start with Donna from Mummy Central with wonderful write up on her family holiday here at Coombe Mill last week. It is always a huge treat to welcome a blogger I have been chatting to on line, in Donna’s case since I began blogging; it was rather like meeting someone I had actually known for years. My second shout out is to Jenny Paulin from Mummy Mishaps who joins me every week and never tires of some outdoor fun for her boys, this week was sticks and mud to paddling pool fun. Finally at Would like to be a Yummy Mummy saw more than just butterflies on their fun family day out.