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Posted on June 7th, 2013

Down on the Beach

As British Summer time goes this week is about as good as it gets. Throughout half term and into this past week after school we have enjoyed as much time as we can down at the beach. The children have spent literally hours in the water thanks to their wet suits, surfing, body boarding and splashing around together. I love the water too and am only too keen to encourage them.


Surfing the waves

Then as the tide creeps up the beach the castle building begins. The very best of summer days.

Beach fun making sandcastles


Bringing home Supper


The children took it up on themselves on the weekend to collect muscles from the rocks. They asked tentatively if they were edible. Having given them a quick once over I decided it was worth taking them home and showing them how to cook them and eat them. They were thrilled and Guy sat with them wrapped in a towel on his lap for the journey home.


 collecting muscles from the rocks


Once back we washed them in fresh water and removed the beards. Any open shells were given a tap to see if they closed. If they did they were in the pot of clean muscles, if not they were discarded. 

Preparing muscles from the beach

We boiled the muscles for just a few minutes with chopped fresh wild garlic from the farm and served them up on a bed of spinach leaves. I explained to the children that only the open ones could be eaten and that any that failed to open had to be left. I don’t think the younger ones had tried muscles before, but having picked and cooked them they all tried and declared them delicious after a first tentative taste!


Tasting the muscles we cooked


It made a tasty light supper which the children were so proud of and all from ingredients sourced from nature. 


 Muscles fresh from the beach cooked with farm picked wild garlic

Joining In with Country Kids

It would be a crime not to be leaving the screens indoors and enjoying the wonderful sunshine this week. Please do come and share your adventures, from garden fun to sand and sea, I bet there is plenty to tell. Last week was a delight seeing paddling pools, smiles and toes in the sand on beautiful sunny days on many posts. A few that stood out for me were A day at Cotton Manor from Ruby + Lottie which has added Flamingos to my Coombe Mill wish list; Liz at Me and My Shadow for a weekend of embracing nature and freedom of play and Ethan’s Escapades on his first Pony ride. Please do grab the badge and link away with your fun this week.

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