Shoulder to Shoulder To Day

Posted on June 9th, 2013

Support for a fellow blogger

This is for someone dear who gives so much to the blogging community and has undergone a horrid but necessary round of radiation for throat cancer. The process was going to leave Emma Day from Crazy with Twins separated from her young family for 5 weeks. Thankfully she is home from hospital early and the feared lengthy absence from contact with her family has been shortened by the speed at which her body managed to rid itself of the harmful effects of the radiation.  

Emma would like to make everyone aware of the importance of self checks for lumps and bumps and urges us all to be vigilant and act on anything unusual. She is running the race for life and would love your support here and is raising awareness of the good work done by Maggie’s Cancer Centers in helping cancer suffers at all stages. Having benefited so much from contact on line while in hospital Emma is now trying to raise funds for an i-pad that could remain in the treatment room at Cheltenham hospital for future patients, since currently equipment is not able to leave the room. If you would like to help with this please contact Emma via her blog or twitter @crazywithtwins.

The thoughtful Vevivos with help from Fire Fly Phil organised us bloggers to spread a little happiness each day to Emma to cheer her up from her operation right through while she regains her strength. Today I am proud to host #S2S2D and spread a little happiness to Emma and her beautiful family. 


Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

Emma, I am no poet but a few random and well meant words words tumbled out for you:

Farm Fun at Coombe Mill
Grounds and river at Coombe Mill
Dream of lush green meadows,
Of children playing,
Of animal petting
And tractor driving.

Dream of blue skies
And sunsets,
Of sand on your toes
And wind in your hair.

Dream away to a faraway place
With a babbling brook,
Pond dipping and fishing.

A place where laughter and smiles
Fill the air,
A place to make memories
A place to share….
 Soon you will be here…

You and yours!

At Coombe Mill we are wishing you well for a full recovery
and a wonderful family holiday here at Coombe Mill
 thanks to Coombe Mill and all your friends from S2S2D!
Just call me, email or tweet me to arrange.
01208 850344

Looking forward to seeing you joining in our outdoor family farm fun.

Coombe Mill and the Beach

If you have a cheery post to share with Emma to give her hope and a smile please join the blog hop here.