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Posted on June 14th, 2013

Adventure at Lundy Bay

Last week the children had a bakers day for the Royal Cornwall Show. We love all the local farming shows but the Royal Cornwall is so large I just know I would lose one of the little ones, so Nick and I enjoyed  the show alone on the Thursday while the children were at school, then used the Baker’s Day for a beach trip. I thought it was time for a change from our favourite at Polzeath, so we parked at the National Trust Car park for Lundy Bay and took the mile long stretch of coast path through woodland and farmland down to the Bay.


Walking to Lundy Bay


Popping out from the woods is the most spectacular bay with towering cliffs and caves. I cursed having forgotten my camera at the last minute and having to make do with my Blackberry. Thank goodness for a clear sunny day or the photos would be unusable! We made our way down the well trodden paths to the beach and across the rocks.

Lundy Bay from the Cliff top


At low tide there is the most glorious sandy beach while at high tide the sea comes right up to the cliffs. This daily tidal movement allows for oodles of rock pools and plenty of sea life growing on the rocks. We were the only ones there and felt like The Famous Five on an adventure at Smugglers Cove as we clambered over the rocky outcrops from one sandy inlet to the next.


Climbing the rocks at Lundy Bay


The kids stumbled upon a giant plunge pool and coaxed me down to join them. There wasn’t a second thought as they all stripped off and took it in turns to jump in from the highest rock ledge inside the cave, squealing with simultaneous delight and cold as they hit the water.  

Plunge Pool At Lundy Bay


Already thoroughly soaked but happy I watched all six stride out into the sea together as best of friends. A proud Mummy Moment!


Sea Fun at Lundy Bay 

On the way back we checked out the National Trust signs for directions and what to look out for on our walk, however it didn’t include the enormous Adder Felix spotted right in the middle of the path! We all gingerly walked up the back and round, oh for a good lens and not my blackberry phone! I felt I was dicing with death to capture this one!


Lundy Bay snake and signs


We will all be watching where we walk next time! The children are already asking me when we can go back which I always take as a sign of a good day.

Joining in with Country Kids

For anyone new joining in, Country Kids is about leaving the sofa, the tablets and TV and enjoying the outdoors in any way you like, apart from playing games on an i-pad sitting under a tree! Playing in the park, the garden, the beach or the woods or even an urban adventure is fine. Outdoor cooking, crafting or learning are all encouraged. Go wild but go outdoors. If you are looking for a little inspiration these are just a few of the posts I loved last week.  Sit Still Monkeys enjoyed a family day out to a very English town; it helps to have cool grandparents with a boat there too!  Kids in the Garden were far from the garden camping in the Scottish Mountains while it was all the fun of the circus with lovely colourful photos from A Party of Seven.

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