Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on June 21st, 2013

River Play

We are lucky enough at Coombe Mill to have the river Camel running through the estate. It provides excellent fishing for our enthusiastic holiday makers, creates the most peaceful sound to drift to sleep to at night and makes for a great natural place to play for children. I have to confess when I had six children under six the river terrified me and learning to swim early was a priority for each and every one. Playing in or even near the river was something the children all knew was only ever allowed with an adult. Now they are older they can mess about to their hearts content with or without Nick or me. It is the perfect place to cool off on a hot day, and on a wet day, what difference can a little rain make when you are wet from river play anyway?

On the way home from the Sunday animal feed run with the guests, my boys had run on ahead of the tractor and were walking back through one of the river tributaries. They were having such fun picking up the heaviest rocks they could and seeing how big a splash they could make!

River Play for Kids


The splashing game soon turned to lining up the rocks to make a dam and they were away on a mission to divert nature; they didn’t even notice the tractor and trailer catch them up and pass them. They whiled away the rest of the morning and managed to make a dam high enough to sit on and a diverted water flow around the sandy edges.


Dam Builders


If you remember last Sunday it was particularly cold and wet, the boys however didn’t seem to notice as coats came off during their project and wellies filled with river water!


Soggy Wellies

Later in the week it came out much warmer than any of us expected. Being down in a sheltered valley it is always a heat trap and the children were sticky and hot after school. They wasted no time changing out of their school uniforms and heading for the cool of the river with surf boards at the ready. It was so beautiful half of me wanted to go in and join them. I think that may be my challenge before the summer is out!   

Surfing in the river


Of course with my kids there is so often a practical joker waiting. In this case Felix, it is just as well Guy had already jumped in before hand or this really would have been a shock! All credit to him he was still standing on his board despite the booby trap of a bucket of river water landing on him from his big brother on the bridge.


A practical joke from Felix


Joining In with Country Kids

Country Kids is all about getting outdoors and enjoying some family fun. Turn off the television and leave the comfort of indoors and discover the magic of all weather fun. A little fresh air is good for us all so whether it is play equipment at the park, planting in the garden, exploring in the woods or a family day out, please come and grab the badge and share here on the linky which is live every Saturday to Thursday. Do check out some of the other posts here as there are some wonderful ideas. Last week I loved the concept of unstructured play by My Nearest and Dearest  something which my kids showed this week too. The simple grass play from Mummy Constant also featured unstructured play while a holiday here at Coombe Mill from Stir Crazy Toddler involves the structured and unstructured fun of the farm. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


A Final Plea

Voting closes midnight Sunday 23rd June for the Loved By Parents Awards where I am up for Best Family Friendly Holiday Destination as Coombe Mill Farm UK and would love your support please.