Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on June 28th, 2013

Last weekend I came home from an amazing 2 days at Brit Mums Live to a lovely welcome home committee and the joy of seeing our lovely farm again. Keen to keep things simple and enjoy some relaxed family time the children came to help me sort out our green house. Last month we cleared it out and planted it up for the summer. The children have been so diligent in their watering ever since, but the tomato plants were beginning to shoot away and the snails return and so some attention was due.


Weeds, snails and slugs banished


The triplets listened, learned and practiced taking out the middle stems from the tomato plants and helped tie them loosely to the bamboo canes to give them some structure.


 Greenhouse Pruning and staking at Coombe Mill



The first signs of strawberries and a baby cucumber in making encouraged the children in their endeavours. 


First produce from Coombe Mill Greenhouse


A final watering and job done they were off to play on the trampoline followed by a game of football and a blast round the farm on the quad bike. They are so lucky to have each other for readymade family fun and I am so lucky after a busy few days away to have children happy to play together while I take five minutes to relax and watch them and work out what’s for dinner now that Mum is back and Asda Pizza is off the menu!

 Garden Frolics

Joining in with Country Kids

What have you been up to with the children outdoors? Please come and share your adventures from play, craft and learning to family day trips, if it is out in the fresh air I’d love you to join in. Do grab the badge code below and please stop round to see a few other posts here, there are always some great ideas. These are a just a few that inspired me this week:  Strawberry picking from Clarina’s Contemplations as it has reminded me that it is something I keep meaning to do with my children, Exploring the Welsh Valleys with Laura Side Street for the lovely photos and glimpse into the real Wales and Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum for reminding us that outdoor time can be so cheap and yet so much family fun. 

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