Nursery Essentials for Baby’s First Year

Posted on July 1st, 2013

Expecting your first baby and wandering what you really need to buy? 

From deciding what brand of nappies to opt for, to whittling a names list down to a mutually agreed top three, preparing for a baby’s arrival is an exhilarating time for expectant parents.  Getting all those necessary products ticked off the ‘to buy’ list is a priority for most expectant parents and is one that can easily end up costing a fortune by spiralling into baby-buying overdrive. The trick is to carefully plan your baby product buying list and have a good idea about which products are likely to be important during that first magical year and which are likely to be little more than superfluous.

Baby Guy and Mummy

Whilst nappies, baby clothing, pram/buggy and car seats are all vital purchases when planning the arrival of a baby, preparing a baby’s nursery and what is going to go in it is another indispensable factor to consider when organising for your baby’s arrival into the world. In fact, designing a nursery for your baby has to be one of the most exciting elements of the pre-baby period, yet at the same time can be fraught with apprehension that you are kitting your infant’s room out with all the necessary products.

If you are about to take on the challenge of converting the spare bedroom into a delightful nursery,  take a look at the following ten products parents might consider for their baby’s nursery room.

1-      A Moses Basket

It is generally advised that babies sleep in a Moses Basket or crib in their parents’ bedroom until they are six months old. It is therefore important that you have a Moses Basket at the ready for when you bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital.

2-      A cotNursery Cot

Anybody who has been blessed with the joy of having a baby will tell you just how quickly those first few months fly by and no
sooner was your baby a newborn unable to open his eyes or do little more than sleep and cry, he will be a smiling six-month old, whose personality is beginning to shine through. Before no time at all, your baby will have reached the six-month milestone and will have advanced from a Moses basket to a cot, thus meaning a stylish and quality cot should be an inherent component of a nursery design and is certainly a top baby product.


3-      Mattresses

Once you’ve decided on your cot, you’ll obviously have to buy a mattress for your little one to lie on. Cot mattresses should provide comfort and support for your baby and the better quality ones will have water-resistant quilted covers for air movement and heat dissipation, not forgetting a mattress protector to protect against any little accidents.

4-      Baby bedding

There is nothing quite like the bedding to complete the overall cosy, cute and adorable look of a nursery, not to mention keeping your little one snug and warm in those early years. Cot bumpers around the inside of the cot will also help protect the baby from hurting themselves.

5-      StorageNursery storage draws

With the myriad of baby gifts new parents get showered with and the mound of baby clothes, toys and other items that seem to pile up even before a baby is born, it is safe to say that plenty of storage is essential in a baby’s nursery.

Wardrobes are a good option as they offer a variety of storage possibilities, such as full width drawers, internal shelves and rails to hang all those adorable tiny outfits.

6-      Changing dressers / cot top changers

Dressers with the added bonus of having a flat surface to be able to change a baby has to be one of the top ten products that will make a new parent’s life infinitely easier. Some even come with detachable frames so you can utilise the dresser as a regular piece of furniture as your child grows. Practicality aside, changing dressers are a stylish addition to a nursery. In my case I made do with Farmer Nick’s DIY changing table, all function but lacking in style!


Kids playing under Nick's DIY changing table

7-      Baby monitors

Baby monitors enable you to know what is going on in the nursery and provide parents with peace of mind that their baby is sleeping soundly or is awake and content. No matter whereabouts a parent is in the house, a baby monitor will you to keep track of baby’s activities.

8-      Toy boxesStorage for toys

Whilst newborns don’t care too much for toys, in no time at all your baby will be cooing, giggling and grasping out at rattles, mirrors, soft books and a whole range of baby toys. Having a place to store all those toys in will help keep the nursery noticeably tidier. Toys boxes come in a wide range of colours, sizes, and designs and can prove to be an invaluable baby buy for parents.

9-      Mobiles

Placing a baby mobile in a nursery can be a great way to develop a baby’s senses, helping little ones to utilise their sense of sound and sight. Coming in a wide range of styles, patterns and colours, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a mobile that will coordinate and complement a range of nursery decors.

10-   Soft toys

Preparing for a baby’s arrival should not be void of buying one or two soft toys. Ultra soft toys can bring comfort and intrigue to an infant’s world, as well as making attractive and adorable additions to a nursery. Soft toys grow with them, at age nine my children still have their soft toy collection.

Soft toys from birth upwards.

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