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Posted on July 5th, 2013

Sports Day

Love it or hate it kids have to put their best foot forward each year for sports day. With the triplets I have one who can’t wait for sports day as he shines on the sports field, one who struggles and just isn’t built for agility and one who is more concerned about what she wears! The morning dawns, one is up and ready, sports kit in hand shouting that it’s time for school, one is rummaging round the bedroom for the perfect t-shirt and one is lying in bed faining tummy ache! Theo my year six takes it all in his stride, chilled to the point of being horizontal, he has seen plenty of sports days over the years.

Finally I packed them all off to school and promised to return in time to watch. It had been dry all week but as the morning wore on so the drizzle crept in, I rang school to check it was all systems go before donning my Outdoor Scene rain Jacket (guarenteed to stop the rain) and heading to school. Greeted by a programme from the children I waved to each enthusiastically as they sat in team groups awaiting their turn.

Sports day programme 


I couldn’t resist being the shouty Mum on the sideline as I ran up and down with my camera to capture them. Guy and Jed were in the same team and I’m sure were more competitive with each other than the rest of the class steaming up the field in the lead on the first race with tummy ache worries long forgotten!


Guy and Jed on School Sports Day



I think little Miss Fashion conscious was suffering from being the youngest and shortest in her races. This certainly showed on the flat race while she compensated with a spot of cheating in the sack race abandoning her sack in her bid for the finishing line!


Clio on School Sports Day

This is my true speedy boy clearly giving it all he’s got. If only I could unlock the same motivation for his class work!

Jed Winning on sports day



Theo decided to be the class clown; he clearly lacks the competitive spirit of the triplets engaging the crowd by jumping backwards in the sack race! Now I see why he has been given the ugly sister role in Cinderella, the class play. He is clearly my joker of the pack!


Theo being the class clown




This year I came prepared for the full Cambouropoulos team chant for me to enter the Mums race. I remembered to wear trainers and not drink a cup of tea before I left (six kids and a sprint race is a huge ask on my pelvic floor muscles!) I managed a credible second which I was more than happy with, but no sign of Farmer Nick in the Dad’s race!

 Mums Race

Joining in with Country Kids

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Thank you for all the lovely posts, there are so many great ideas each week.

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