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Posted on July 19th, 2013

A scorching hot feed run

Last Sunday was a corker here at Coombe Mill. The younger children were up and about and joined in bits of the morning feed run with the guests which always delights me. To them this is just part of everyday farm life that they take for granted, but the guests love to see them as they can always catch the animals and offer them up for a stroke. 


 Feed Run with the Triplets help

Fun Days out from Coombe Mill

The older boys and Nick were determined to brave the heat of the day at the Wadebridge show ground to ogle at cars old and new in the great Wheels annual rally. Frankly this didn’t appeal to the younger ones so we agreed to split into two groups for the day. I gave my group the choice of activities and they came up with Crealy Adventure Park, Strawberry picking followed by baking and the beach in that order. We packed for all which was always going to be optimistic and set off.

Crealy Adventure Park

Crealy was wonderfully quiet and we were able to whizz round all their favourite rides with no queues. The water rides really helped to keep them cool and gave them the energy to sprint off in true kid style to the next activity leaving me carrying the picnic, Sun Sense sun cream, camera and the usual paraphernalia and trying to keep up!


Crealy Adventure Park Rides


Theo and I spotted a swamp adventure and went to take a look while Guy and Jed zoomed round the roller coaster for the millionth time! It is a lovely woodland trail with pond life teaming with skaters and dragonflies. I was glad of the change from the rides as we ambled round. They also have a farm area but this holds little interest for mine apart from the micro pigs which are simply adorable. These are back on my list of things to source for Coombe Mill!

 Woodland paths and Micro Pigs

PYO at Pencarrow House and Gardens 

Next stop strawberry picking at Pencarrow, except they had no strawberries! We settled for raspberries and spent a lovely hour filling our tummies punnets with raspberries. The children also tried observed the redcurrants and gooseberries but found them much too sour and no amount of persuading that they would be delicious in a cake was going to work, so four punnets of raspberries it was! 

 Raspberry picking at Pencarrow House & Gardens

They couldn’t resist a little explore while they were there and Pencarrow House does have the most beautiful grounds. Guy and Jed investigated the tennis courts while Theo lazed around in search of a four leaf clover.


 Theo at Pencarrow Gardens


Before we knew it we had wandered into the stunning formal gardens. The children couldn’t believe it and many questions about how many bedrooms the house had and how many millions it might be worth followed as they dipped their feet in the fountain and rolled down the banks. I’m sure this was all forbidden but no one came to tell us off so I indulged them, though I did draw the line when they asked if they could lie down in the water fountain!

Water Fountain splashing and play


The children do love an adventure and they found one in the form of a secret path through the flower border into a stone cave. It was clearly designed to be there but the children were convinced they were the first to discover it and the owners had no idea of its existence. They marvelled at the crystal in the granite, shouted their echo and tried to climb inside and out!


 Discovering a Secret Cave at Pencarrow


By the time we finally made it back to the car the afternoon was marching into the evening and I declared the beach would have to wait for another day. 

Back home we exchanged stories of our days out and the bigger ones and Clio (who had been at a friend’s house) came to sample our raspberries and the muffins we made. If you like the look of these you can find the recipe together with some raspberry frozen yogurt and lollies we made on my last post.    


Raspberry Muffins


Joining in with Country Kids

If you have been outside making the most of this wonderful spell of summer weather please do come and share your adventures here on the linky. There are few rules except that your post must be about enjoying the great outdoors with the children in some form. With the school holidays upon us being outdoors and having fun needed cost a lot. Our forests for example are free fun except for parking and half of all households in the UK live within 6 miles of an area of woodland. Check out more details on the Forestry Commission website. The same can be said for our beaches though not everyone lives so close to these.

Please grab the badge and share your outdoor fun. There are always some lovely ideas so do check out some of other posts linked up too.  

Thank you to everyone who linked up last week, you all helped make a Country Kids first of a hundred links! Picking just three to highlight is an impossible task, but here goes for those that left the biggest mark with me:

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