When the KIDS took charge

Posted on July 30th, 2013

By Clio Cambouropoulos

Dad went ill, so me and the crew had to sort out the morning feed run. There always seems to be something extra when Dad is not around. Today it was chirping chicks in our house which needed a new home and a tractor Ally and Mum found a bit disarmed with one side off, it was all hands on deck to sort the chick house while Ally saved the day with the tractor. All in all a proper scramble to get to the car park for 9am. Things could only get better. We were forgiven for being a few minutes late as everyone loved holding a chick on the tractor ride.

 New Born Chicks

When we got to the wallabies, chickens and geese Guy and Jed fell in to the pond; it was hilarious. Clambering out of the pond, all you could hear was squelch, squelch, squelch as Guy tipped all the water out off his welly, it turned out he had about half the pond in there!


 In the pond


Ducks and Chickens on the farm


Perhaps less organised than when Dad is in control, but never the less lots of fun for the guests. We seemed to have 2 groups, some feeding the ponies and some feeding the goats. I was running from group to group with the camera determined to feed the ponies and the goats. A chance for me to test my strength arrived and I found I was still strong enough to hold a big, fat heavy goat! Another near panic as Mum sent Jed back for the lambs milk we had forgot. Poor things made such a noise in protest!


 Donkeys, goats and sheep


Driving homewards to the rabbits mum plucked up the courage to let some little children drive with her, as long as Ally was there to guide her safely and carefully! When we finally reached the rabbits, 6 lucky people claimed the eggs; I guess the magpies must have stolen the rest.

The rabbits looked like they were over the moon to see everybody feeding them; most people love to pick them up including me!


 Rabbits at Coombe Mill


A Note from Mum

Guy and Clio have claimed a corner of my blog to tell the farm tales from their perspective. With a little help from me on editing I am thrilled to be sharing the Coombe Mill blog with them. I do hope you will support their posts as and when they feel inspired to write as Clio has today.