Horrible Histories Review

Posted on August 5th, 2013

By Guy Cambouropoulos Guy

Mum was sent an awesome looking box to review and I asked if I could write it since it was for me anyway and Mum has set us up a little section on her blog. This is what I thought.



Horrible Histories sets

Horrible Histories by Worlds Apart

I was excited because this would add to my earlier collection of Horrible History Toys. This time I had more heroes and every person had a weapon of some sort and the majority had a shield. The best bit was the battle arena as it gave a real backdrop to stage our game.  It was quite hard to build but building was also part of the fun.  Ally our big brother came to help.


Building horrible history toys


There were stickers to enhance our arena, I loved them as it was fun deciding where they should go. However you have to be careful not to tear them, Mum gave us a hand pealing them off the sheet as I tore a few.


Stickers in horrible histories

The instructions were hard but it did not matter because we made our own rules.  I recognised the heroes and leaders from the television series which gave me some good play ideas.

Our own Rules for Horrible Histories




After finalising the rules Jed and I had a war. The figure heads kept falling off but that meant that we code lie headless soldiers on the battlefield. I liked the idea of catapults and catapulting pigs because in the olden days they actually did that. The catapults didn’t seem to have a mechanism to shoot with so we made our own with an idea from Dad. He took the hair band that Clio was wearing and put it on the catapult. This flung the pigs everywhere.  I shot one in Clio’s drink, she was not amused! We placed my hamster (Bobby) in the battle arena and he killed all the Roman and Egyptian legions!

 Horrible Histories Battle Scene


The mini collectable packs were pretty cool as they had heroes. It was fun opening them to discover the hero hiding within.                                                                                                                                                                     

 Collectables and Catapult

Jed and I love these horrible history sets. They are great fun and I still have more ideas for new games for another day.

I think that children would need to be nine like us to set this up alone, but with a grown up or a big brother to help it could be fun from age six upwards.  

What you need to know

You can call this number to find out where it is sold 0800 389 8591 or visit www.worldsapart.com

This is the full range:

Hero Collectables  £1.99 

Horrible Heroes Specials £6.99 

Battle Pack £9.99 Egyptian and Roman

Starter Set £14.99 Egyptian and Roman

Battle Arena £39.99 

There is also a carry bag available for £14.99 which sounds interesting but we did not receive this.

I think the hero collectables are great value and I could easily afford these with my own money but the battle arena is very expensive for me, however I would be happy to receive one as a birthday present. 


Mum was sent this box to review. She has let me write the blog post. These thoughts are my honest opinion but Mum helped me with my spelling and ordering my sentences.