Cheat for Back to School

Posted on August 8th, 2013

Picture the scenario:

The new school term is looming and you have battled the crowds to claim the shirts and skirts in the size and colour you need. The victory is however short lived when you realise all your new purchases now need naming. The thought of hand sewing in all those names tags is about as fulfilling as watching paint dry so you opt for the cheat’s option – a waterproof marker pen.

A mistake?

The pen is wonderful for the start of term, and you scoff at all that sewing as your happy school starter skips off for their first day of term. However a few weeks later when a piece of gym kit is missing you search the contents of the school lost property bin. Spotting the garment you then find yourself trying to justify to the teacher that the faint ink blob really does say your child’s name. Feeling like a naughty schoolgirl yourself you promise “Miss” all their clothes will be relabelled.


Faded Ink on school jumper name tag

Introducing Stamptastic

If this sounds all too real don’t despair, the lovely people at Stamptastic have the answer. A way to cheat at name tags and look every bit as professional as the woven labels with no effort at all! Order them pre-printed with your child’s name, or in our case I opted for “Coombe Mill” thinking it would do all the school uniforms and many of our items to borrow from here too.


Stamptastic Kit


This is just the kit for me as it is intuitive and almost foolproof. Simply place the stamp on the ink pad then press it on your garment. You can look through the clear stamp to check which way up you are printing, I realised this after printing the first one upside down! It works on most fabrics. I was so impressed I had to give it the ultimate test of a run through our industrial washing machine before raving about it here; it passed with flying colours, no mess and no fade! 

Before and After using Stamptastic

Before and After using Stamptastic


Inspired by the results on the school uniforms I set to work on the reception overalls and wellies which are free for our holiday guests to borrow.


Labelling Reception Items at Coombe Mill


You can order these great sets on line from the Stamptastic website. The Ink pads cost £10 and the stamps £8 printed with your choice of name. My ink is still going strong, but good to know I can reorder without replacing the whole kit.

Win a Stamptastic Set

The lovely people at Stamptastic have kindly given us a set to give away to one lucky winner. To be in with a chance simply leave a comment below saying what you would like on your stamp.

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The competition is open to UK residents and will close on Tuesday 27th August. The winner will be selected by and announced the following morning. Good luck to all taking part.

Congratulations to Karen Hunter Lancaster who won this competition. Thank you to all who took part. 

Disclosure: I was given my Stamptastic set to review for this competition and keep for use at Coombe Mill. The views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.