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Posted on August 9th, 2013

Shower Dodging

This week began on the farm with rain, rain and more rain. The children braved the feed run as it lashed down each morning then dodged the afternoon rain for a train ride. I have to admire our holiday makers this week for carrying on regardless and they were rewarded with more sun and less showers as the week progressed.


Tractor Feed Run & Train Rides in the Rain

Classic Timeless Play

The light summer evenings and a mix of older children staying soon had my children joining in the evening gatherings for some old fashioned fun with various forms of hide and seek. As play commenced and excited voices rose I persuaded them to relocate across the river on the farm to minimise the nose for our younger visitors trying to sleep. There is plenty of space everywhere so they were happy to oblige. 

I love to watch a natural order emerge as they discuss tactics rules and who should be “it” first.


Kids play Hide and Seek on the Farm


The search for the best hiding place was nearly the death of some of my favourite plants. These giant leaves round the lake were a perfect hiding ground.

Hiding places for Hide and Seek


A little fooling around is all part of the fun.


Fireman's lift for play


They played till they dropped and the night sky took hold. The rain of earlier long forgotten.


Hide and Seek as 40 40 In on the farm

The Fun continues

The morning after the night before and I find the gang hanging out together during the morning feed run. I challenged them to split into groups and gave them half an hour to create something out of anything they could find. I suggested the more natural the better. With no concept of time they whiled away the morning building a camp, creating a person from an old pin board in Nick’s shed and the winner Jed who made a picture from old items from the rubbish collection and some paints from the house. The reward an ice cream; now that’s what I call happy holidays encouraging free range kids!


Farm Challenge



Joining In with Country Kids 

How have you been enjoying the outdoors this summer? Rain or shine please come and share your adventures on the linky below. There are few rules apart from the activity needs to take place outside; crafting, learning and play from your garden to a family day out are all welcome. Please grab the badge and remember to check out the other posts here. Each week I am astonished by the number and quality of posts linked up. Thank you giving Country Kids the support that is it’s success.

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