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Posted on August 16th, 2013

Surfing the River

When the weather heats up and the beaches are too busy there is always a spot of river play here at Coombe Mill. Running right through the middle of our grounds it is the perfect playground from gentle tributaries to the main River itself. By dusk it is perfect for a patient angler to try their hand at catching a salmon or trout but in the heat of the day there is nothing my children like better than to cool off with a quick dip. Jumping, surfing playing and then simply abandoning the boards on the river bank as they dash off to their next adventure. It isn’t long before other children staying with us on holiday begin to join in and  ‘s little girl adding to the fun. I love to listen to them shriek and squeal as the cold water hits and the fun begins! 

The obvious way in for any adventurous nine year old!

Jed launching into the river Camel at Coombe Mill


You wouldn’t believe it was cold to watch them here.


River surfing with friends at Coombe Mill

Guy went for the ultimate surfing challenge encouraged on by all watching. 


Raft Races 

The river flows from high up on Bodmin Moor out to the sea at Padstow. This creates a current which can carry anything along at quite a pace from Guy on his surf board to rafts in a race. The Boy and Me had experimented with organic rafts and we agreed that this would be fun to involve all out guests in. Annoucning our plan and demonstrating a raft on the Thursday morning feed run we challenged everyone to a race the following day from  bridge to bridge. The children delighted in the challenge building and creating their winning designs with parents in groups all round the farm.


 Organic Raft building at Coombe Mill Farm



After the Friday feed run everyone gathered for the grand send off. The enthusiasm and support from everyone staying was infectious. The children watched their rafts be counted down to launch and delighted in rushing and cheering them along the river bank. I was caught between launching rafts, cheering and photographing! You would think it was the round the world yacht race from the cheering children as their rafts sailed under the finishing bridge. My thanks to Mr TBAM for wading in to rescue any rafts caught in the river bends!  

Ready to Race

 Organic Raft Challenge at Coombe Mill

Let the battle commence!

Organic Raft Race on the river Camel


It was such a great way to unite our holiday guests who had really enjoyed their week and formed many friendships: kids, parents and grandparents alike.

A Colourful Sail

,  and myself then had a quiet 3 raft send off in honour of Matilda Mae. This is her special section of river at Coombe Mill and we thought is only right to add pink and purple flowers and give our rafts a final send off downstream; a little moment in our week to remember a beautiful baby girl.


Sailing Flowers on rafts for Matilda Mae


Joining in with Country Kids

If you have been making the most of the outdoors this summer please come and join me here on the linky. Family fun from the garden to the beach is welcome. Country Kids is about getting active with playing, learning and crafting outside and leaving all screens indoors, except for a camera to record the fun! Please grab the badge and remember to check out some of the other lovely posts here. Each week is packed with great ideas thanks to everyone here taking part.

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