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Posted on August 23rd, 2013

Holiday Memories

I am sitting writing this post while travelling home from an amazing family holiday. To be fair I was very nervous about this trip. The thought of covering Coombe Mill in August, including a changeover and taking all six children on a 13 hour car journey with a 7 hour ferry crossing to visit French cousins they could barely remember might explain why. Furthermore we had all been enjoying a magical summer back on the farm with my children relishing the company of new playmates each week as our holiday makers arrived. 

I needn’t have worried. The journey may have been long but it was well worth the effort. We were warmly welcomed into Nick’s cousin’s home after our long journey and the children were straight in the pool while the bbq cooked for the first of many outdoor veranda meals for fourteen. The tone was set for a week of outdoor fun. 


Holiday Fun

We just can’t keep out of a river! 

Every holiday has a few extra special memories and our time on the river was one such day. Last week on Country Kids I featured the fun the children were having in our river at Coombe Mill. I knew when the cousins wanted to go kayaking down the river together that it would be perfect for us. 

This operation was so organised and sleek. Parking in the car park we were all taken by bus to the river to launch the boats. Armed with camera, picnic and a water proof tub for storage we set off on our 8km day of paddling along a beautiful stretch of crystal clear river. 


Kayaking on the river

You can imagine the shouting and splashing as everyone raced each other, the laughs when someone was stuck in the reeds or took the rapids on the wrong line and ended up beached on the banks. There were plenty of places to moor up and soak up the sun, eat our picnic and go for a swim and jump over board.

Picnic and swim stops on the river

Perhaps the most exciting of all for our children was when Felix and Ally spotted some French children jumping off a huge rocky outcrop. They waded over to investigte while we moored up on the opposite bank.


Wading across the river


The rest of our children and their cousins soon followed clambering up a steep rock face. It was the ultimate thrill for my boys, only Clio swam back disappointed as she couldn’t reach the rocks to climb up. Round and round they went like small children on a slide. After all the rowing I was happy to watch, trying my best to catch them on camera mid jump and not worry for them!


Tomb Stoning in the river

We paddled under the famous Pont du Gare stopping for more swimming before reaching our collection point to watch the boats be loaded up into vans and a bus take us back to the cars.


Pont du Gare


There were hundreds of kayaks on the river that day, everyone having a wonderful time, and plenty of space for all. An amazing day thanks to a little local knowledge. I think the kids will be trying to kayak instead of surf on our river next; I’m not sure who will be doing the fetching and carrying though! Another of our epic adventures to follow next week.

Joining In with Country Kids

What have you been doing to enjoy some family time outdoors this summer? Please link up your adventures from the garden to the beach. Enjoying time together, being active and learning is great for kids and parents too. Please grab the badge and remember to check some of the great ideas from others here too.
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