Sixteen and Pregnant

Posted on August 25th, 2013

Dear Sally,

You came to us as a teenager. We loved you here on the farm from the very first day even though you were nervous of us. We knew nothing of your background, or who your boyfriend was. The farm you came from was clueless too. I’m quite sure you had no idea that you were pregnant or what that meant.


Sally arriving at Coombe Mill


 Each day we watched your discomfort in the summer heat. I felt for you as your tummy swelled and longed to explain to you what was happening to your body and to comfort you as any mother would. You are really still only a child yourself.

We tried to make you welcome. Farmer Nick toiled away to make you a comfy new home where the shelter would be warm and cosy for your new piglets, yet you had no idea anyone was looking out for you.


Heavily Pregant Pig in her new home


Yesterday I moved you to your new luxury pad and you seemed to enjoy investigating in there. Yet you hardly had a minute to enjoy it before the unexpected pain set in. How frightened you must have felt not knowing what was happening to you. I was off enjoying an evening bike ride, yet Guy just back from running the train and still in his driver’s uniform heard your moan. He ran over to see if you were alright and saw the first baby be born; what a shock that must have been for you. Guy ran home to grab his i pod and the rest of the family.

Guy videoing piglets birth


There is no privacy in this world; we all crowded round you to watch this magical time. Guy’s unsteady hand caught the piglets on video and I rushed over to join in the excitement abandoning my bike on the grass beside you.

Tonight dear Sally we leave you in peace in your new home to adjust to life as a young Mummy. I hope so much you will take to your new brood and love them with all your heart as they really are yours. If only you knew how much support is out there for you and how we all want you to thrive.


Snoring Sally Pig, while piglets feed


Good Night Sally and sweet dreams piglets x