General Anaesthetic at 36 Hours Old

Posted on August 27th, 2013

By Clio Cambouropoulos    my way between the guests who were all keen to see them.   


This morning on the feed run we had just entered sally’s pen. We were going to see sally’s piglets. I walked in so that I could see the piglets squeezing my way between the guests who were all keen to see them.


Piglets on the feed run

 I was just about to pick up my favourite piglet when I saw a big gash on the leg so I alerted Farmer Kym who was in charge this morning “Kym, Kym my favourite pig has A gash” so she said “Oh okay bring him out and I will give him to your Dad!” Kym took the poor piglet to Dad who put it in a cat carrier and off to the vets they flew!


Piglet to the vet


Apparently the piglet needed a general anaesthetic and stitches. The vet was worried about infections and the piglet not making it through the procedure at just 36 hours old; to make things worse he is the smallest piglet which is why he is my favourite. 

Whilst this was all happening I felt a little bit sorry for the poor piglet. Unfortunately we were going to the dentist when the pig needed to come back so we sent Farmer Kym off to retrieve him. I gave her my camera to take some pictures as I couldn’t be there. When I was at the dentist I was worrying about the piglet but at least it took my mind of the dentist!

 Piglet post operation


When I came back Mum and I had a look at the pictures and went to see the piglet. Each time we went there we raced but mum would all ways get a head start as I was on my bike and we all ways went a different route to each other of course I won both times. It turns out the vet had put a special silver spray on her back .I think the piglet was happy to walk on grass again. The little piglet looked so very grateful to see her mummy and Sally looked happy to see her piglet too.


 Sally and Piglet reunited


I think that every single piggy is so cute but especially the smallest one (The one which had a little injury.) It looks like some of the other piglets felt sorry for their missing sibling and they kissed him to welcome him home!


 sibling love


Spot the one with silver spay (The poorly one!)   


Spot the poorly pig


Watching them suckle this evening, poorly pig seems to be struggling to get his fair share. I do hope he manages to worm his way in and drink enough to make him big and strong.

Clio x