Goat Antics

Posted on September 9th, 2013

Loved but Cheeky Pigmy Goats

Our goats are one of the farm favourites with all the children. They are pigmy so not too big or boisterous. They are in the main good natured but have a proper cheeky way about them. This can frighten some of our younger guests at first, but as the week goes on most become accustomed to their cheeky habits and know that if they hold food the goats will come running to eat it from their hands and are really friendly and harmless.

 Goats eating from kids hands

Our animals rotate around the fields on the farm but the field by the top lake is usually home to the goats. It has an interesting landscape for them to roam, natural water supply and easy for us to reach on the daily tractor run where all the children staying help us to feed the animals. Having successfully placed an old Wendy house in the chicken and duck enclosure what better than to offer some exciting new play equipment to the goats?


Chicken play house

Our indoor play barn had a huge sturdy Little Tikes climbing piece which had developed a small crack right in the centre. Nick had tried using the boys surfboard repair resin to correct the fault, this was never going to look pretty but we thought would be strong enough to safely mend the break as the rest of the apparatus was still in perfect condition.


Play barn with little Tikes climbing actity


Sadly after 2 attempts the tear reappeared and so it was time for a rethink. Two mini trampolines were purchased for the play barn which are in daily use.

New Indoor Play Barn Play

Now we had an almost perfect Little Tikes climbing piece in need of a new home. The goats was the obvious choice. With their agility and playful nature I just knew they were going to love it. 

At first however they were a little unsure, but as soon as we began to feed them on the climbing frame they were up and down the slides and steps like true mountain goats.


Goat feeding in Little Tikes Play Equipment

The children found this hilarious and now join the goats for a turn themselves. Nothing like combining helping to feed the animals with a little play time! The tear is still there but with farm overalls and welly boots it doesn’t seem to worry anyone, it has also helped the children beat any fear of the goats as they are distracted by competing for a go on the slide!

Goats and Children together on the Little Tikes Play equipment

I have seen a very funny You Tube clip of goats on a trampoline, forwarded to me by , who is familiar with our playful team. I now know where our big trampoline will be headed when it is too worn out for the children’s play area, though ours is a quality one from Big Game Hunters so it may be awhile yet, perhaps we should look on ebay for an old one in the meantime? We could turn into the Coombe Mill circus at this rate! 


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