Please Help Mum Decide

Posted on September 16th, 2013

By Clio Cambouropoulos


Mum is a finalist in the Mad Blog Awards this Friday. I am so pleased for her, but slightly jealous I am not invited too. Anyway I was very excited to help her open the lovely big parcel that arrived on Friday from Boden. Apparently going to a posh dinner isn’t enough, she also has her dress paid for too! Well my Mum isn’t the best when it comes to fashion so she asked if she could try two dresses AND a lovely pair of shoes to see what fitted best. 

She showed me the dresses on line and the cool video of the models walking in them and I thought it would be fun for Mum to have a video of her own. We set up the living room as our studio and I put on one of my posh dresses to show Mum how to walk like a Boden Model.


After a few lessons in model walking for Mum and a lesson in video recording for me we were ready to roll with Mum on video.



She is still dithering about which dress to choose, the beautiful shoes are going to have to be changed as she couldn’t even keep them on her feet to walk across our carpet, shame as they are so pretty and I really want the colourful bag they came in as my school PE bag!


Clio and Boden Bag


So which should she choose? Option 1 The Embroidered Dress or Option 2 The Amelie Dress

My vote is for option 2 because I really want to wear this one when it fits me, only a few years don’t you think?


Clio in Mum's Boden Dress 


Oh and Mum, whichever dress you choose have a brilliant evening and good luck in the Awards. 


Clio x


A Word from Mum

My huge thanks to all who voted me to the finals, to Sally and all the MADs Team for organising what I know will be an amazing evening in great blogging company and which I’m quite sure is the result of a lot of hard work. I will be delighted to wear one of these quality Boden dresses and am excited to have my makeup chosen and applied for me on the night. Life as “The Farmer Wife and Mummy to Six” feels really rather sophisticated this week!