Country Kids from Coombe Mill

Posted on September 20th, 2013

A Helping Hand


Weekends are a busy time for us here on the farm. Saturday is our changeover for the holiday cottages and lodges. It is all hands on deck and everyone in the family has their jobs but when the regular work is done there is time for play, or for those who are keen there is the chance to earn themselves some extra pocket money with a never ending list of jobs needing doing. Last weekend Guy and Jed decided to give the ride on play area a really good sort out. Over the season the tractors had become grubby, the leaves beginning to spoil the racetrack and the prolific farm foliage encroach on the park. 

They swept out the leaves and chopped back the encroaching brambles, feasting on blackberries as they worked.

Ride on Play area in for a seasonal clean

Into the car park to hose down the equipment at the DIY car wash. A thorough blast and watch out if you stood in the way before they carried or rode them back, I think you are just a little too big for that one Guy! 


Cleaning Ride On Tractors


They know how important safety is and took a broken tractor back to Dad’s shed for parts. This also provided a perfect excuse for a quick blast round on the quad bike.


Removing Broken Tractor for Safety


Finding the extension hose they were able to clean the big heavy train and the signs inside the play area. A caterpillar stopped proceedings and they fetched a jam car and made him a home. I think he is a bit late coming out this season but the boys were delighted to discover him sunbathing on the play petrol station. He was lucky not to be water blasted away!

Caterpillar on the Little Tikes Car


Job complete and in good time for the new guests to arrive and enjoy their hard work. 

By the time the last guests arrived we were blessed with a clear starry night and Guy decided to get the telescope out. We won this one with Kidz Outdoors and have never really mastered it, however Guy was really inspired to persevere this time and with a little help from Dad, he managed a good half moon in perfect focus and wanted me to take a photo. It took some fiddling with my camera settings but eventually we captured on film what we could see through the lens.


 The Moon in clear Cornish sky over Coombe Mill



Guy is now quite taken with the telescope and it has moved down to my office to make it more accessible. Our next challenge will be to capture the stars.

Funny how even a day of chores with children can become an adventure. They found enough blackberries while clearing up for me to make a pot of jam and the caterpillar survived a week in a jar before being set free in the greenhouse; they are now on butterfly watch! 

Caterpillar release and Blackberry jam

Joining In with Country Kids

Now the autumn weather is beginning to set in, getting out and about is not always so easy. I do hope you will stick with me, don the wellies and head outdoors from the garden to the woods, the park to the beach. The thought of warming soup or hot chocolate on your return always make some outdoor time worthwhile. Please grab the badge and join the fun on the linky here. 

Last week I was particularly taken with:

Keitha’s Chaos and her Picture Scavenger Hunt after being inspired reading about Time to Craft doing the same the previous week. I love to see great ideas being copied and adapted through the linky.

Happy Homebird Where Grandad and Little Bird became detectives to save the nature trail signs after the vandals. I so want to create a trail like this for Coombe Mill.

Caterpillar Tales has had a wonderful time so close to where I used to live in Surrey you can almost see my house!

Chelsea Mamma for an adventurous outdoor birthday treat my kids would adore.


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