Harvest Festival

Posted on September 30th, 2013

Village Life

My children go to a very small village school. Many things about the school are far from ideal, there is no school hall, no playground or playing field, no reception or corridors, class 1, which is made up of children from reception and year 1 work in a corridor as a classroom. The old Victorian building has steps that lead straight onto the main village road and children are in constant danger of being hit by cars entering and leaving the school building. In so many ways this school fails our children and the long awaited new school budget was withdrawn 2 years ago thanks to the recession. Never the less what St Tudy C of E primary school does have are teachers who care, pupils with respect and a school which is at the heart of a beautiful village community. It is when I come to attend events such as the Harvest festival Service in the Church next door to school that I remember why I love this school so much.


Jed between St Tudy School and Church


Proud Triplets

The Triplets are now in year 5 and I know I only have one more year at this quaint village school before all my children are in secondary education. This makes any school event very important to me. When they thrust a letter in my hand after school last week to ask me if I would come to Harvest Festival as they all had poems and verses to say, nothing was going to keep me away. I was that embarrassing mother who was hovering ready to see them emerge from school and enter the Church.

Children going to St Tudy Church

I was then to be found creeping along the aisle right to the front of the church, video camera at the ready! It was worth every scowl I may have received to capture their little faces proudly reading their part.

In true quirky village style the lighting failed, the electric was off so no loud speaker and the vicar was late, but hey ho our head teacher carried the service perfectly and the children did so well with no microphone over the sound of babies crying. The younger children were armed with props to show as the older ones spoke and were delightful parading round the church waving at their parents as they passed.  


In St Tudy Church for Harvest Festival

Time is running out

Once they go to secondary school there will be no more school plays, no more Church services on special occasions and no more wanting Mum and Dad to watch. These last years are ones for me to treasure. If you have children at primary school, I urge you to do all you can to attend these events and support your children, their school and the wider community.  I know it is not every parent who can go when it is in the working day, but if someone who cares can be there to watch it really makes a difference. It was for times like these that Nick and I gave up corporate life to run Coombe Mill, a decision so right for us. 


Triplets happy I watched them read in Church



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