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Posted on October 4th, 2013

Let’s go to the beach

Our Sundays are limited on time these days between the farm feed run in the morning and the Train rides late afternoon. However with a lovely mild sunny day before us I was keen to make the most of those few family hours in between. After a cooked breakfast we packed some snacks and headed off to Polzeath beach. Now that the peak tourist season has finished the roads are clear and the beaches are beautifully quiet. There is room to fly a kite, play beach games or surf without fear of bumping into someone. I think this is my favourite time of the year and the sea is still warm too.

The older boys and Jed were straight into their wetsuits and off to try the surf. It was perfectly clean but only a foot high so they fizzled out on them quite quickly.


Surfing at Polzeath Beach


Never the less I was able to see them over the waves to take a little video footage. A zoom lens is next on my wish list!

Clio messed about with me on the beach examining the seaweed which had been washed up in copious amounts, before she joined the boys with a body board.

Clio with Seaweed at Polzeath beach


Theo and Guy disappeared over the cliffs in search of rock pools together before coming back to embark on building a giant sandcastle. 

Theo & Guy on Polzeath Baech


The surfers tired of the lack of waves came to help the sandcastle operation and before long it was looking really rather imposing.


Giant Sandcastle Building on Polzeath Beach


Realising that the tide was turning and the fun of defending their castle from the sea was not to be, they developed a new idea to enjoy their work; who could jump the castle.  This became a full on challenge with everyone joining in. Jumping became somersaulting and then jumping over each other. I watched in delight and fear at their youth, agility and happiness at their game creation and suggested Felix should take up gymnastics by the end!

Sandy and hot they all headed back to the sea to clean off and play together tossing each other through the water, the younger ones hanging onto the older ones. I joined them in the water and wished our afternoon could last forever. Finally the water’s chill crept in and our hot chocolate slipped down a treat. Tales of who jumped the highest over sandcastles and through the water kept the conversation flowing back to Coombe Mill in time to run the afternoon train ride.


Kids on a beach sandcastle at Polzeath

Joining in with Country Kids

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