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Posted on October 11th, 2013

Happy Birthday Country Kids

I have been running Country Kids now for two years. It is something that has grown during that time and evolved with more and more people joining in to make it the fun linky it is today. I never thought I would find enough interesting and different posts each week yet somehow my children have developed and grown with the linky and finding new activities and building on favourites has never been a problem. Of course I will be carrying on into year three; after all it ensures I spend family time outdoors each week to actually practice what I preach! 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


This week we have been celebrating two years of Country Kids fun with a little farm work. Nick has moved the pigs into their new home and has a new plan for the old field, to be revealed soon,  which renders the old worn out field shelter surplus to requirement; what better excuse for a big family bonfire and Country Kids project? 


Old Pig Shelter

The Children set to work removing the sections of roofing that could be reused.

 Removing Pig Sty Roof on the farm


Then Nick took the chainsaw to strategic areas which were subsequently broken with sledge hammers by the older boys and thrown inside.

Hammers to the Pig sty

To this we added all the old animal feed bags and paper rubbish all brought down of course with help from the tractor and quad bike fuelling the children’s enjoyment with a little jumping down and racing thrown in for good measure.


 Paper Rubbish on our Pig Sty bonfire


A chance to celebrate Country Kids with some creative spray paint fun.


 Spray painting the pig sty for Country Kids

Then Nick set light as we all stood back and watched, transfixed by the flames and heat. An opportunity for a Dad to children pep talk of how dangerous fire can be and why they must never play with fire in the house which is built from wood!


A happy family all hitching a lift back to the shed.


Country Kids Team Work


While the boys went off to a birthday party Clio and I completed our Country Kids celebrations with a good mud pie birthday cake and 2 candles, a much tamer look at fire! She has fond memories from this same activity last year and explains the process in her own style on video.

Happy Birthday Country Kids from Clio


Joining In with Country Kids

Thank you for following the Country Kids journey and joining in with your own family outdoor fun. Please help me to spread the word and continue to support healthy outdoor time for children. Time away from the modern day screens to enjoy some good old fresh air is what this linky is all about, whether that be stretching, mind or body or both. Please grab the badge code below and join the linky. Remember to check out what others have been doing, there are always some great ideas to inspire your next adventure.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall