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Posted on October 18th, 2013

Piggybacking the Cubs

Last Sunday Jed and Guy had a fun day planned at Crealy Adventure Park thanks to their wonderful cub leaders. Even though we have an annual pass we fail to make full use of the park and the boys were keen to go. It is a good half an hour drive from Coombe Mill so I decided ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ and took Clio and her friend along and Theo who needed collecting from a sleepover en route anyway. 

We left the Cubs with their troop leaders and the others came with me into the woods and nature trail. I have a yearning to make a signed trail something like this at Coombe Mill one day as we have a perfect swampy area and woodland that is largely ignored. I was also on a mission to find a horse chestnut tree since none of the children claimed to have tried chestnuts before. It wasn’t long before they were running, jumping and stepping over bridges and paths in search of chestnuts on the ground.

Nature walk at Crealy

We hunted high and low finding plenty of soft play balls that should have been elsewhere, sycamore trees, oak trees and acorns everywhere together with mushrooms and toadstools in abundance but no horse chestnut. I had already scoured Coombe Mill and knew there were none on the farm.

Hunting for Horse Chestnut Trees


Finally in a clearing we found the elusive trees and prickly horse chestnuts falling to the ground and filled our bag.

Horse Chestnut Discovery

Loaded with our windfalls, the children were keen to go and enjoy the rides. The park is much quieter than in the summer and so they were able to dash from one excitement to another with very little queuing. We bumped into the Cubs at the water rides where they were having a blast drenched from head to toe. Just as well the sun was out and they were busy running around. 


Back at home I showed the children how to open the chestnuts and score them ready to roast. We lit a little BBQ under the porch as the rain came in and toasted our chestnuts and some sausages. They all tried and enjoyed the chestnuts. I know if I had collected and prepared them myself they would have said “yuck” but as they had been involved from gathering to cooking they were far more receptive to tasting them.

Cooking Chestnuts on a BBQ

Finally we shelled them all and made them into stuffing balls to go with our roast dinner that evening. 


Making Chestnut Stuffing


Joining in with Country Kids

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