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Posted on October 25th, 2013

Autumn crafts

After watching a lovely hangout from Maggie Woodley on Google plus I felt inspired to do something with autumn leaves.  They are falling so fast here in our wooded valley it is easy to catch them as they twirl from above. Clearing the pathways is becoming a full time job in itself and a thankless task when the wind is fierce enough to blow down branches blocking the lane as happened to us this week.

Branches blocking Coombe Lane


It did however give me an idea. We have lost, broken or misplaced all our kites over the years so I thought it would be fun to try and create some of our own. The kids are always up for an experiment especially if it means some quality time with me and an excuse to run around outside.

Making an autumn kite 

We scoured the farm for straight lightweight sticks


haul of sticks from the farm


Then selected our favourite two sticks and made a cross using the end of a ball of string. The children opted for the lightest dried reed sticks to give their kite more chance of flying.

Kite Frame

Next I cut a plastic bag to just larger than our cross sticks and the children taped them round the sticks to hold them securely in place.

Taping the kire to the frame


Then we searched for large decorative leaves pooling on the car park floor and stuck these round the edge for effect.


Kite decorating with farm autumn leaves


A wool tail gave the counter balance our kite needed with leaves threaded through it for effect and weight. All that was left was to try it out:

Coombe Farm Kite with tail ready to fly


And so the fun began



I can’t pretend it was effective as the shop bought ones, but it was fun to make and kept the children running round the farm till it finally broke. It was certainly a good use of a blustery and showery day. 


Joining in with Country Kids

Country Kids is simply about getting outdoors and having fun in the fresh air. It is great for kids and good for us parents too. If you are feeling uninspired by the wet autumn weather, do take a look at some of the other posts linked up here. Every week I am amazed by the imagination and enjoyment from simple ideas to exciting days out. Grab those wellies and go have some fun. Then come back here and share, together we can inspire one another through the winter weeks to come. Grab the badge, link up and check out the other posts here.

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