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Posted on November 8th, 2013

Bonfire Night

This is a night we have enjoyed here at Coombe Mill for years. The children look forward to it for weeks and invite all their friends and families to join our guests here at Coombe Mill for an evening of fun. For us it comes hot on the heels of our mega Halloween day and so requires a fair amount of pre planning. The timing is deliberately early so as to be family friendly for the youngsters staying with us and so that that we can all enjoy the BBQ whilst it is still light enough to see.


 Bonfire Times at CoombeMill

The Guy has to be built and a theme for our bonfire created. Last year we burned Jimmy Savile, this year it was the Bank of England that came in for a thorough burning. It is a traditional family event making all the component sections of our effigy and constructing the bonfire.

 Bonfire night preparations


As the day progressed we set up the BBQ and the tables and chairs in the car park in anticipation of the evening ahead.


BBQ Preparations

By the time 4.30pm rolled round Farmer Nick had the BBQ well under way and it became a warm gathering point over a drink as the adults chatted and the children played in the nearby play areas.

Gathering for the Bonfire Night BBQ


It is amazing how the light fades completely now between 4.30 and 5.30pm. The sausages & my homemade vegetarian burgers were devoured by hungry children who had been running around and by adults who just can’t resist that delicious BBQ smell.


Enjoying the Coombe Mill BBQ

A bag of goodies and toasted marshmallows were a welcome treat for the children before delighting in some fun with sparklers. 


Sweet treats and sparklers for the children

On Nick’s word the adults topped up their drinks and followed the children who all emerged from the play areas and ran ahead along the path to watch the highlight of the evening. Flames crept up from behind the Big Bank with its “Fat Cat” boss perched on top as children and adults alike stood transfixed waiting for the Guy to topple before the sky lit up with a superb fireworks display. A much deserved round of applause for Farmer Nick for creating a magical evening for everyone.


Another success on the Coombe Mill events calendar for 2013, my own children waved off their friends claiming it to be “the best fireworks night ever” which makes it all worthwhile.

Joining in with Country Kids

Weather you have been out for Bonfire night, Halloween or enjoying some daytime fun at the park or the woods or any other outdoor adventure please come and share your post on Country Kids. A little family time enjoying some fresh air is good for us all so dress well, leave the screens indoors and embrace the weather.  If you can grab the badge I’d be much obliged and please do check out some of the other posts linked up.

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