Wellies with a difference

Posted on November 11th, 2013

Comfort is key

I have a daughter age nine who loves to think she is fashion obsessed. However it is not fashion at all cost as she refuses to wear anything remotely uncomfortable. From tickly stitching to itchy woollens it’s a non starter for Clio despite what fashion might dictate. The same is true of her footwear, she finds wellies uncomfortable and since her trusted old pair finally sprang a leak she has been driving me mad traipsing round the farm in fluffy indoor boots rather than borrow one of the many pairs of wellingtons we have for our holiday guests in our reception shop.

 Comfy yes, suitable no!

 Clio in unsuitable farm footwear


The Answer is Muck Boots

When I was contacted to see if I would like to review a pair of Muck Boots I jumped at the chance. Clio chose the purple ones as this is her favourite colour at the moment. She wasn’t sure they were fashionable enough from looking on the Jelly Egg web site. However from the moment they arrived she has worn them at the exclusion of all other footwear. That tells me above all else they are comfortable!


Muck Boots

Our farm in winter is a real testing ground for any footwear and these Muck boots have really been put through their paces. A full half term of playing out with friends through the river, mud and grass and I am delighted to report that the mud rinses off in the river and they come home clean each evening. The comfortable neoprene fabric is fully waterproof and the leg is a good width; Clio has very slim legs but the material is so soft she was happy with the spare room and it will be very handy on frosty mornings with thicker trousers and socks. My only complaint would be that a longer length would be handy, but I guess not everyone has a ford to wade through and river to play in each day. 


Muck Boots on the Farm at Coombe Mill


No more piggyback requests from Clio upon reaching a muddy or wet place, though I do now have 5 boys who want a pair of Muck Boots too!  

Vital Statistics

The boots retail through the Jelly Egg site for £54.95. They are not cheap but so far I can confirm that they are a cut above your average welly in comfort and quality. There is a choice of 5 bright colour combinations to suit both boys and girls and some rather lovely looking adult boots so you can be as comfy and cosy as the kids outdoors. The children’s boots go from a toddler size 9 up to a generous adult size 5. 

Win a pair of Kids Muck Boots with Coombe Mill

If you like the sound of these lovely boots and have a little one who loves to play outdoors whatever the weather then why not enter this competition to win a pair? They would be perfect as a Christmas present and ideal for winter walks on the beach, in the woods or splashing through streams and of course farm visits.


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