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Posted on November 15th, 2013

Remembrance Sunday

All of my children either have or are enjoying the scouting movement. They adore the camps, the games, the night hikes and evenings on the boats, so twice a year when the movement calls them to Church, St Georges Day and Remembrance Sunday I feel we owe it to the organisers to ensure my children are there. I can’t pretend it is something they enjoy, in fact I have much “why do we have to go” but they know this one is non-negotiable with Nick and me and seemed quite resigned this year to putting on their uniforms as I drove them to the town playing fields to join their patrol groups.

Remembrance Day Parade

Once here the laughter and fun from within the car turns more serious as they fall in line for a short but moving open air service, two minutes silence and the laying of wreaths at the memorial. This is followed by a long march to the church headed by the brass band. We have had a lovely sunny morning the past few years and I love to see all the uniforms of the local organisations as they march past.


It is a sobering morning and after all that standing still and behaving sensibly I indulge them in a little play on the way back to the car.


 Fun with Pampas Grass


After lunch I had a little treat thanks to The Forestry Commission. We trekked off into the forest where I produced some wonderful goodies from my bag. Amazing how an elf hat and some silly ears can shape an afternoon of fun.


 Elfing around in the woods

We sat and read The Stick Man Book together in the forest then Jed went off trekking with a Stick Man leaflet while Clio wrote a story and made a stick Man.


 The Stick Man Story & Trail

Guy caught us up and joined in the fun making up his own elf game.

Guy in an imaginary elf world 

Clio busied herself building an elf house.

 Making an elf house

Some fun on the rope swing to finish a busy day, with the usual banter over whose turn it was next resulting in two climbing on at once! Clio then tried a stick through the loop to make a seat which then broke mid swing. She came up laughing, but you can just hear the snap on the video before I stopped the camera to check she was alright! Time to call it a day as the light was fading and my Coombe Mill Train driver needed to be back on duty at the railway station. 

 A magical afternoon in the woods

The Forestry Commission maintain some amazing woodland all around the country, if you have one near you, take a few fun props and see just what fun you can have with a cheap day out. Children have such wonderful imaginations it’s lovely to give them a lead and let them take things on from there. You might also like to check out the great selection of free activity and craft sheets to download on the Forestry Commission website to help your young explorers.

Joining in with Country Kids

Now the days are short and the weather colder and wetter being outdoors takes some planning. Please do that planning and take some time out, I guarantee leaving the central heating, TVs and lap tops of indoors for some fresh air will leave you all feeling refreshed and energised. Come back, grab the badge and link up your fun here. Please remember to check out the other posts, it might just inspire your next adventure.

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