In a Muddle

Sometimes I feel life is racing past so quickly and I struggle to keep up. In my head are all the clubs and activities for the children, on my computer business plans and booking systems and on white boards my to do lists. Across the room are various filing cabinets full of yet more papers and documents both for Coombe Mill and for our personal life and I even have a pin board for random useful stuff, useful right up to the moment I’m trying to find it! Sometimes the idea of a single point as a reference for everything that is my life feels like such a good idea.


My office at Coombe Mill

My Life Pack

When Louise of My Life Pack contacted me to see if I was interested in taking a look at her new book I was more than a little
interested. This is a book that you fill in to make your own reference centre with all the important things in your life. It is huge and leaves no stone uncovered. One of those things where you have to dedicate some time to creating the organisation, but can then sit back in the knowledge that never again will you wonder what a password is, when those important birthdays are or who and where the details of your will are held should anything untoward happen.  This is the perfect way to feel you are really de-cluttering your life with an easy way to manage your finances, your home, your family and your work all in one comprehensive book.

My Life Pack

This book is not cheap but is made of a good quality paper to last a lifetime with ten significant life categories. It would make a thoughtful and imaginative yet practical present for a special occasion. A wedding, anniversary, house move, baby shower for friends or family or a retirement present strike me as excellent opportunities. The pack retails at £79.95 but on the website currently is a special January offer for £59.95. For Coombe Mill readers this offer will be extended to 28th February, just quote Coombe Mill and email louise@mylifepack to receive this.


A perfect Present

I decided to gift my copy to my Brother for Christmas and it really caught him by surprise.

Uncle Mark and a special Present

Mark runs his own business and has 4 wonderful children and two soon to be three grandchildren not to mention 5 nephews and a niece from my family and plenty more besides. Here is someone whose life could really use a touch of organisation. It wasn’t long before I had him sat down over a quiet cuppa with my children all crowded round to help fill in their birthdays and personal details for him.

 Filling in My Life Pack


As I waved him off on his journey home via his daughter in London complete with his My Life Pack I have a feeling this book is going to become the bible to his life.


Driving home from Coombe Mill

Win your copy of My Life Pack with Coombe Mill

If you fancy starting 2014 off by ditching the clutter and working out an order to your life why not enter this prize draw and win your copy of My Life Pack. Just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

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I was sent my copy of My Life Pack to review and gift myself. All views and opinions are my own.

 Best of Friends on the Farm



  TheBoyandMes 365 Linky   OneDad3Girls



Welcome to the first Country Kids post Christmas and the last one of 2013. I really did think about making last week’s linky a double Christmas special, but then I knew I would be bursting to share our Christmas fun here on the farm so here goes.

Christmas at Coombe Mill

It was one of those weeks I love here on the farm. What made it really special wasn’t just Christmas; it was the way all our holiday guests gelled so well. Friendships bloomed from the day everyone arrived.  With the hash tag #Coombemillxmas running we shared everything from kid’s stories to “anyone got a spare carrot” both on line and for real here on the farm. Children dashed between houses and play areas and the feed run continued through sun and hail.


Christmas Feed Fun


There was a drama or two when three became stuck in the same Bog that caught me out; never fear, Farmer Nick was near and the children giggled their way home caked in mud like true Country Kids to be hosed down outside!


 Stuck in the Bog

This was followed by some sign making and fixing by my teens!


Bog keep out Signs


On Christmas Eve we had the weather on our side in time for a festive visitor to our train. To the delight of all the children Santa and his two elves were waiting in the tunnel for a special chat and presents for all. Watching excited faces emerge from the little grotto might just have been the highlight of my Christmas. I had been planning this ever since our successful ghost train for Halloween and was thrilled it was dry and so well received by all on the day. I am so grateful to my wonderful brother who battled the storms the previous night travelling to us from Chester, only to find he was working for his Christmas visit playing a very credible Santa. Mark you have a job for life!


It was a quick dash in convoy to Church for those who were keen after the train for a special children’s Christingle service.


Christingle at St Tudy


Another Santa was there ready for us outside the church with presents, mulled wine and mince pies. I thought Guy had gone mad standing in a t shirt, when I questioned him why it turns out he thought if he ditched the hoodie he could make a second visit unrecognised for a present. Unfortunately for him Theo was lurking close by and tipped Santa off so he made do with a second mince pie!


Outside St Tudy Church


Back at Coombe Mill it was round to our house for drinks and supper. This was a wonderful casual evening with everyone coming and going as it suited their families and the older children dashing in and out of the play barn together. Food and drink for all, plenty of time to chat and reflect on a fun day had and the excitement of more to come.


Supper at Coombe Mill


I don’t think Farmer Nick fooled anyone on Christmas morning in his Santa best, but it was a Jolly Feed Run none the less. It ran an hour late to allow for any lucky children to open parcels; I’m not so sure the animals were impressed with our festive gesture!


Christmas Day Tractor feed run


A huge thank you to all our Christmas Guests for making a memorable week on the farm and to @ChelseaMamma, @maggiemou @mediocre_mum and @geekisnewchick for sharing #coombemillxmas moments on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Joining in with Country Kids

I hope you have managed some outdoor fun with the children in between the indulgence of Christmas. Whether it is playing on a new bike or wearing those Christmas jumpers on a walk, please come and share here on the linky. I’d love you to grab the badge and do remember to check out ideas from others.

A few of my favourites from last week:

ChelseaMamma shares the first half of her Christmas break at Coombe Mill 

Little Steps Twit has the same idea as me last week with a Tree Hunt. I think we may meet at Cedar Croft Next year!

Right From the Start has a post I so want to be able to make this winter.

Mad House Family Reviews found an enchanted village that would appeal to any youngster


Happy New Year

Fiona, Farmer Nick & the Kids at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays 



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Sending festive cheer to you and yours

That Christmas brings your heart’s desire

Hoping you have loved ones close,Christmas Wishes

at this special time of year.

Farm tractor


Raise a glass to absent family and friends

Toast all that is good in life,

Spare a thought for those without

at this special time of year.

Farm logo


Wishing you health and Happiness

Laughter and Joy

Making memories with those you love

at this special time of year.

Farm Logo

From us all on the farm

Farmer Nick, the kids and I,

We wish you a Very Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year. 


Making good use of our Reception “borrow Room” 

Here at Coombe Mill we are lucky enough to have been sent the full DVD box set of season one Ninja fun from Nickelodeon for our Reception Shop. Located in our borrow room you can help yourself to the whole of season one keeping the children happy and occupied in that all important “chill out hour” after an exhausting day of holiday fun here on the farm. All our properties are fitted with DVD players so which ever holiday accommodation you choose you can be sure to take advantage of this lovely set.


Dvd's in reception to borrow

Over Ten Hours of Turtle Power

Ninja brothers Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo appear straight from the New York Sewers ready to face the action fighting greatest forces of evil in their bid to prevent crime. Little ones will be spell bound caught up in the action of their battles as they take down robotic kraangdroids, mutated villains and the merciless leader of the foot clan, Shredder. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD set

This is definitely one for the boys but do be aware that it comes with a PG certificate so worth ensuring tiny ones are not scared. From around age four my children adored the lovable heroes, possibly earlier, and I would say they hold their appeal up to at least nine years old. My triplets are nine and I found all three, including my daughter, happily enjoying an episode from our set which they had borrowed for themselves from reception, when they were supposed to be doing homework. They then gave me some story about having to watch a DVD and write about it for school. I’m still not sure if that was true but I couldn’t fault their smart answer and left them watching.

Watching Turtles DVD

Buy your Copy of Turtles Season 1

The full 10 hours of Ninja Turtle power is available to buy on Amazon for just £16.99 including free one day delivery.

Win your Copy with Coombe Mill

If you would like to try and win yourself this great childrens action DVD set just follow the instructions below, best of luck to all taking part, this is a perfect one to while away a happy hour after all the excitement of Christmas.

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I was sent my Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box set for this review and prize draw. All thoughts and opinions are my own and those of my children.