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Posted on December 6th, 2013

The Secret Beach

Years ago we named our closest beach the Secret Beach. It is actually called Tregardock and a little gem just 15 minutes from Coombe Mill yet we rarely go as there is a half a mile walk from where you park the car at the end of a no through lane and the kids are usually weighed down with surf boards. It is tidal so checking the tide first is essential or you may find there is no beach when you arrive. There are also steep steps cut into the rock to descend to the beach and it is not one I recommend to our guests with young children; having said that now that my own are growing up this beach really is coming into its own for us.

 To the Secret Beach

The Public footpath from the narrow lane where you park takes you out into a large field. Armed with a football and a spade the kids spend the first 15 minutes on an impromptu inter family game. The view is breathtaking and I was happy to watch them enjoy the freedom and space. Guy had even brought his fold up seat which soon became the injury bench, regularly frequented by Clio!


Impromptu Football


Back on track I was so excited to have remembered the DSLR camera and arrived on a glorious afternoon at low tide. No sooner had I congratulated myself on my wise choice for the afternoon than my camera shut down on low battery. “Oh good” piped up Guy “Now you can forget the photos and play with us” Point taken, I returned the camera to my rucksack and with just my i-pod for photos did just as Guy suggested. The camera quality shows but it was such a perfect afternoon I’m sharing the photos anyway vowing to return again.


Down on the beach we headed straight into the caves. The rock colours, plunge pools formed by the retreating tide and natural waterfalls from the cliffs make for the best and most natural playground. I followed the children from cave to cave marvelling at their excitement.

 Inside the caves


 beach caves & waterfalls

Before long I had lost the older ones rock climbing to the right of the beach, I think they were a little jealous of all the surfers and rather wishing they had bought their boards with them. The younger ones on the other hand were not at all worried by the lack of beach gear. They had brought swim trunks and a towel which I never imagined they would use, but as usual they proved me wrong and delighted in splashing into the waves. I’m afraid my pledge to play withdrew to videoing them at this point.


Coming out shivering they spotted an abandoned beach fire. The family who had been making it had left and the children delighted in huddling round the embers before changing and enjoying the hot chocolate I had brought along.


 beach fire


The Tide was beginning to come in and I was relieved to see the 3 explorers returning from the rocks, I had visions of them being stranded and cut off by the tide. It’s a mother’s prerogative to worry and always fear the worst! 


 Returning Rock Climbers

The older ones were soon demonstrating their scouting skills ensconced in the task of hunting for driftwood to build the fire higher. I watched them work on their task altogether prodding and poking with sticks as children do while all the time checking the tide to ensure we could make it safely back to the rock steps.


 Campfire fun at Sunset

By the time we headed back the sun had set and the beach was deserted. I just have to return to capture that sun set on my DSLR, but for today I was happy to snap with the i-pod and enjoy the time with the children.


The Secret Beach at Sunset

Joining in with Country Kids


Country Kids is all about leaving the comfort of indoors and embarking on some outdoor fun. It can be as simple and therapeutic as a play in the park or a walk to the shops or as adventurous as you and the children make it. What matters is to enjoy some time together and breath in the cold fresh air, yes it’s chilly in winter but the hot chocolate when you return indoors tastes so much better following some outdoor fun! Take the camera with you and come back and share your tales. Don’t forget to grab the badge, link up here and check out what others have been up to. Every week I am inspired by the lovely posts, please keep them coming.

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